gigglesqueak (gigglesqueak) wrote in bad_service,


This is an update to this post.

On 5/2 TNT never showed up, I called them to find out that Belinda from DD had canceled the pick up. TNT provided me with her phone number but by then she had gone home for the weekend.

Now that it's Monday I left another message on her voice mail with no response, so back to the live chat thing i went.

I got onto Sandy, the customer service manager, who finally agreed to give me my refund and arrange one last pick up this Thursday (11/2).
If she follows through and I get my refund but they don't show up on Thursday, then i will just put the desk in the bin.

*sigh of relief*

Edit: TNT showed up half an hour after DD booked new pick up date. DESK IS GONE! I HAVE MY MONEY! YAY!
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