Holly (jade_lightning) wrote in bad_service,

So a few weeks ago my mom ordered three pairs of new glasses. The first two came in after about a week but the ones she'd ordered for in the office still weren't in.

I got a call a few days after we picked up the other two saying that the last pair would be ready "early next week", which would have been the beginning of next week I believe. We go in last Thursday and they have no record of calling us and the glasses weren't their. No problem, they said they would put a note down and call the lab in the morning and let us know. They never called us back.

Since then my mom has called in like three times asking about it and each time we got "we'll call the lab and call you back either later today or tomorrow." They still never called back. Finally today I got a call saying they were ready to be picked up so we went in to get them, just got home actually.

Okay, this next part I even find hard to believe and I was there. I seriously cannot believe that someone would think that this is an acceptable way to talk to the customers, but apparently it is.

We go in and get the glasses, they fit fine and are exactly what she ordered, no problems here. Then before we go I say to my mom that she should probably mention about how they never called us back like four times. She tell the assistant chick (can't remember what she's called) and we get:

Her: "Shut up, that's so weird! I can't believe that happened! Was it one person every time?"
Mom: "No it was different people."
Her: "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry about that honey! The paper doesn't say anything about the calls!" She sort of waves the paper around, kind of looking at both sides, not even opening it to look. "Oh honey I'm sorry about that."
Mom: "That's okay, just wanted to let you guys know what happened."
Her: "Oh yeah, I'll totally mention it to everyone. Thanks for telling us!"
Mom sort of steps away from the counter, I walked off after the first 'honey'.
Her: "Oh yeah, I was going to give you this!"
We get a bottle of cleaning fluid.
Mom: "Okay, you have a good night."
We start to leave.
Her: "You have a good night too honey! Sorry about that!"

First off, she was talking like a total valley girl the whole time. Like, are you thirteen? Who thinks it's alright to go "omg shut up! no way!" to a customer? Second, don't fucking call my mom "honey". She's probably old enough to be your mother, don't talk down to her in that tone okay? Why are you even saying that to a customer at all, you could have at least acted like you gave a shit instead of just blowing it off. And how could you forget the cleaner, it's right beside the cloth you just went to get us at the beginning. I can forgive that, but I know she's been working there long enough to know the routine.

Tl;dr: We get screwed around with over the phone and assistant at the optometrist is a stupid valley girl and has no idea what's going on.
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