Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

DC Metro bus drivers are really rude

Why do I have such awful luck with asking bus drivers simple questions? I just started taking the bus from a new location. On Wednesday, I was taking the bus from the Pentagon, which anyone in the DC area knows is a huge bus depot. It's the start/stop for about twenty-five different lines. I found the stop where my bus should leave from and not long after, a bus flashing "NO SERVICE" pulled up. A whole bunch of people got on, but since the route wasn't displayed, I asked the driver if it was the 29G before I got on. She got huffy and rolled her eyes before finally saying "yeah, it is. UGH." Why was it such a big deal to say yes?

Yesterday morning, I went to my stop to take the bus to the Pentagon. I confused the letters. I wanted to take the 29E, which stops there around 9:13. A 29H pulled up at 9:12, which it isn't scheduled to do, and I confusedly asked the girl standing next to me if it went to the Pentagon. She said no, but when the door opened, I verified with the bus driver just in case, because it was the same time as the express bus I was waiting for and I'd forgotten the letter. The bus driver snapped "Didn't she just tell you that?" Since the bus hadn't pulled up yet when I'd asked, I was confused and said "Um... does that mean no?" and she closed the bus doors in my face. I mean, WHAT? She could have just said "no".

Neither of those was truly horrible, but in both cases they made me feel stupid for asking a simple verification. That shouldn't happen. I didn't get the bus numbers in either case, but I know the time and the route number for both, so I will email. Metro has a new coordinator who is apparently taking complaints more seriously.

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