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ppsrx I miss you

I need to vent. I'm not sure if this is a series of WTF or bad service or a combination of both.

As of Jan 1 of this year my husbands company insurance plan change prescription medicine providers. Only problem is that somehow or another they forgot to mention it to us or all the notices got lost in the mail.

We get all our prescriptions mail order in 3mo batches. It was time for a refill so I send off to old company for refill. They promptly call me and tell me they are no longer our provider and give me all the information for our new provider. I contact the new provider to see what needs to be done. They say call Dr get new prescriptions sent to them and set up online account to manage them. So I called the doctor and had them send all our prescriptions to the new company. This results in the new company filling all of these prescriptions and sending them out to us. Not a real problem since too many meds are better than no meds and these folks take a lot longer to process stuff than the old company did and we were ready for a couple of refills. Expensive but not the end of the world. Now to the bad service.

I registered us online as they suggested for ease of managing our med orders. I had to do one account for my husband under his email and one for me under mine. Eventually we are supposed to be able to view and order meds from each others accounts once the privacy forms get thru the system but I have real doubts if that will ever happen. I manage both accounts online since my husband can barely send an email let alone navigate a complicated web site. When I first checked to make sure they received our prescriptions online all the meds were listed xxxx1234 etc in numerical order for the prescription numbers and no name or description or amounts. I figured I would wait closer to the ship date a week later before I checked again. So I log on to my account on Saturday to make sure I am getting the right meds and find out when they shipped. They were to be shipped on Monday and they were. All my meds are listed by name and the quantity is listed on my "history" page. I log onto my husbands account and nada. They still have everything listed xxxx1234 etc. They have shipped the meds right along with mine but they have not updated his history page. Note both sets were submitted on the same day and shipped on the same day two weeks later. And I set up both accounts and checked that all the settings are absolutely identical for both.

So I send an email from my husband's account to customer service inquiring why the information was showing up on "the wife's page" and not on his and when this information would be available on the account page. They write back telling us they can't send out confidential prescription names on email and to look it up on the history page. I re explain the situation in the reply email referencing the first email and their lack of ability to read the problem and answer the question as posted to them. They reply back that I should enter the pharmacy prescription number in the search section of the still blank history page to find the information. How the hell do I do that when i have told them not once but twice that the page is blank and the only numbers I have are xxxx1234 and not real prescription numbers.

Why can't they simply learn to read and send an email reply that says sorry don't have an answer and we'll look into it than the stupid shit they send out for answers. But I guess if they did I wouldn't be ready to rip my hair out right about now.

How many times am I going to have to explain the same information to them...hey the page is blank on one family member's and not on the other .... why is that??? before they actually answer my question or fix the problem.

I so miss our old prescription mail service. Place an order Monday. Shipped on Tuesday. In the mailbox on Wednesday and everything on the website was up to date and current and I could talk to them about both my husbands and my prescriptions without having to put him on the phone and telling them to talk to me.

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