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My boyfriend just got another email from the fraternity. I cannot make the following bullshit up.

Dear Former Zebes,

A couple of you have raised questions about the validity of the debts that you all owe to the chapter. While for many of you, there is not a written record of what your debt is, we stand by the amounts that we have stated on your Omega Accounts. The amounts on your accounts are the amounts that were reported to me by *name removed*. He is someone who has been with the chapter since the beginning, and has a comprehensive understanding of the debts owed to the chapter. Some of you may not be on good terms with *name removed*, however, *named removed* is not the kind of person who would lie about an issue such as whether or not the chapter is owed money. I and the chapter trust what he says. There are also other people in the chapter who would agree with the debts *name removed* says you owe.

Therefore, if your dues are not paid by April, 25th 2010, your accounts will be sent to a collection firm. The fact that there is no written record of your debts will likely make the collections process more difficult. Keep in mind though, that I have access to your records in our National Office. These records include the contract you singed when you joined the fraternity, which states that you agree to pay all dues and debts owed to the fraternity. I will also have access to your Social Security numbers. All of this information will assist in the collections process. You can decide to take a chance with the collection agency if you want, but I wouldn?t advise it. First, the agency we have contact with is quite good at collecting debts. Second, the agency will not charge any fees to the chapter, since we are close with them. Third, any legal action brought on by you all would be between you and the collection agency; the chapter would have no involvement. Also keep
in mind that any legal action brought by yourselves would result in you having to pay lawyer and court fees, which will probably end up costing more than what your dues are in the first place.

Essentially, the chapter has nothing to loose in turning your accounts over to collections. You can decide to take your chances with the collections process, but I wouldn?t recommend it. The decision is ultimately yours. As an incentive, some of you, when your debts are paid for, will have the option of having your status with the fraternity changed to alumni. This will help with resumes, and with building contacts. Also, the debts you owe can be paid little by little through your Omega Accounts. I sent you all pin numbers so that you can log into your accounts. Once you log in, you can pay online, or look at info on how to pay through mail. You can also keep tabs on what your account balance is. I look forward to your cooperation, and the settlement of your debts.

Thank you for your time,

*name removed*
Treasurer ZBT Gamma Mu

I... I don't even know what to say. This is flat-out extortion, isn't it? I mean, they're threatening these students into giving them the money. We're going to report them to the board, because this is ridiculous.
EDIT: Also, does it seem sketchy that they're emailing each person individually? Because it feels like they're trying to make sure that they can't get in contact with each other and get help as a group. I don't know... It seems weird...
EDIT 2 (Electric Bugaloo): OH DEAR LORD! BWAHAHAHA! I'm going to die from laughing so hard.
Okay. Me and my BF run a student club on our campus, so we know what forms you have to fill out. When you fill these out, you have to put officers. These names go on the RSO website.
This shit just got epic. Now, we're going to email the frat directly and let them know what's going on. While we do that, we're going to continue trying to get the guy to give proof of the debt. The real kicker? The moron is emailing from his student email. The frat has an email for business. His ass is going down if this is as fake as we think it is.
Dear LORD, I wish I could make this shit up. XD
Tags: collections, follow-up, scams, school woes
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