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Do you know what is hideous?

Apartment complex troubles.

So, here's the story:

Last Thursday, my boyfriend and I were out doing a lot of things all day. We picked up his daughter from school, had lunch, and then finally called it a day. It was rainy and cold, and we were so ready to get into our nice warm apartment and settle in for the night.

We get home, and I notice the fire alarms on the side of our building are flashing. I make a comment to my boyfriend about how odd that is, but he just shrugs it off, so I hop out and run off to unlock the door so he can get his daughter inside quickly out of the downpour.

When I open the door, it is unbelievably humid... so much so that my glasses fog over. I can hear water pouring from somewhere, but I assume it is just the rain outside. Until my boyfriend comes in and says something about the sound as well. So I go further into the apartment and then I freak. the. fuck. out.

Water was litterally GUSHING from our kitchen ceiling! Soaking everything in our kitchen, creating a lake on the floor, and seeping through the carpet in the dining room and living room.

I start freaking out even more as I see the real extent of the water damage. It's seeping through the walls and all over everything, the ceiling over the dining room and living room is soaking through, and our tv in the living room has green lines all over it.

I run to the office as quickly as possible, through the pouring rain, and burst in shouting that my apartment is flooding, what do I!?

The office manager... or senior employee, or whoever she is, just looks at me, blinks, and says "Ok... you'll have to wait for maintenance. We have no men that live on site." and she picks up the phone to start calling. I tell her we have a five year old child, it's pouring outside, and now it is pouring INSIDE and we have nowhere to go. She is not sympathetic at all. In fact, she is incredibly nonchalant about the entire thing, as if she could not care less that our apartment has turned into a geyser. She tells me that if I have renter's insurance, they will reimburse me for a hotel room. We do not have the money to get a hotel room and wait to be reimbursed, I say. And she just repeats that I will have to wait for maintenance. I stomp out, feeling snubbed and VERY angry.

As I am walking back, my boyfriend drives up and tells me that the HUGE lighting fixture that is in our kitchen has just collapsed all over the kitchen floor, and all the water that had been collecting in it had exploded everywhere. I start crying, we call his daughter's mother, and we speed off to take her back so we can figure this out without upsetting her further. The entire time, she is crying quietly and asking me if her toys and dvds are okay and if we have a house and so on. I feel awful.

What followed was probably the worst weekend I've had in a long time. The complex didn't have any units the same as ours available, but oh they have a bigger one that is on special but I will have to pay more a month for rent. I flat out tell the lady in the office that I refuse to pay more for rent, and she sighs and says she will ask her supervisor. Still incredibly unhelpful and snubbish. She tells me she has to go take pictures of the damage to see if it is really that bad. I tell her I have already done that and she kind of falters slightly, but continues to smile benignly.

Anyway, the rest of the long story short, we got the bigger unit for the same rent as our old unit, and I had to spend all day friday into early sat. morning moving everything and tossing out ruined wet things, then I had to go to sleep because I work at night. And then I spent all day Sunday moving and unpacking. Both of our laptop were ruined by I guess circuit overload or something, and our tv is finicky and two of my old backup cellphones were ruined as well. I filed a claim with my insurance, blah blah.

The kicker?! The apartment office people told us that all they needed to do to "fix" the apartment was paint over the walls and ceiling. The walls that were buckling from water damage and cracking and peeling. The ceiling that was almost BLACK it was so filled with water. And we were on the GROUND FLOOR. What if the weight of the building causes the ruined, water damaged ceiling to collapse on the next renter!? Or the walls grow mold!?]

What can I do about this!? I do not want the next people who live there to be unaware that their apartment, which LOOKS good, is actually completely water damaged and all that was done was tossing up a fresh coat of paint.
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