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Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone had any idea what route I should take here with my bad service. I've ordered from Archetype Cosmetics twice now. I did read all reviews so I knew going in that she took a while filling orders and wasn't very good responding to comments. However, my first order she was helpful with my order status when I went and e-mailed her and took about two months to ship (what I expected from the reviews.) A few months later in the first half of September I placed my second order. I said nothing when November came and went because I figured her first job was taking most of her time or something. At the begin of December though I decided to ask about the status of my order. When I got no reply, I sent another e-mail a few weeks later. And again in the begin of January, and one last at the end of the month. The site hasn't been updated since October so I was getting pissed. I'm getting her phone number from another girl who had problems but she said she never answered her phone either. I assume that I'm far beyond any reasonable time limit to do a chargeback, but if I'm not how can I do that? Do I need to contact some sort of authority if that doesn't work? I have her first and last name, the city/mall she works (worked?) in, and hopefully her number fairly soon. Thanks for any help you can give me!

EDIT: Called my bank today, explained what happened and they won't do shit because it's past the 60 day period. Now what do? :(

Just looked them up on BBB...she doesn't even freaking respond to inquiries from them or complaints filed through BBB!
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