gigglesqueak (gigglesqueak) wrote in bad_service,

I need your help, bad_service.
I bought a desk from on 18/1/2010.
It was delivered on 27/1/2010 and the packing strips were broken, the box torn and the pieces broken in half. TNT admit that they had to "repack the item before delivery".
I arranged the return and TNT was scheduled to pick it up on 2/2/2010.
I had to take the day off work, the courier arrived at 9am and told me he had to go back to the depo to get a truck for it instead of his van. He never came back.
I called TNT on 3/2/2010 asking why it wasn't picked up and they told me, that because i didn't have the account no. they couldn't do anything for me, I'd have to get DD to re-schedule the pick up.
DD arrange it for 5/2/2010 but on 4/2/2010 i get a note on my door saying they won't pick it up in the "condition" the packaging is in. I don't understand, Apparently it's okay to deliver it that way but not pick it up that way? WTF?
During this whole kerfuffle I've dealt with DD not having any phone support, just online "live support" and their operators not actually reading what i tell them, just giving me standard form responses. While TNT keep telling me they can't help me without a booking no. or account no. even though DD won't provide those to me.

And finally, this box is massively heavy, there is no way i can repack it myself.

Suggestions, anyone?

EDIT: After alerting the bank, filing a dispute with paypal and contacting consumer affairs, DD has offered me a $10 site credit and a $15 "rebate" to repackage the desk for pick up tomorrow.
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