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UPS isn't liking me much.

This is my story of shipping a computer via UPS. It seems like something so simple would be really easy, but apparently, it's not.

On January 5th, I went to The UPS Store to ship out a cpu and a monitor. I insured them both, paid, and went on my merry way, after being assured the packages would arrive Thursday. Well, two packages were delivered on Thursday. One was the monitor, and it was in perfect shape. However, the other box was obviously not the correct one. It had two labels on it, mine and another for a local business.  When they opened the box, it was full of paper with the company header on it.

So, she called UPS, and they came back and picked up the wrong box, and (I'm assuming) took it off to the correct place. Cue the problem. First, she called them again, and was told that only I could submit a claim. That's fine, makes sense, so I called UPS to start the claim. It took five phone calls. The first one, the agent told me the package had been delivered, and there was nothing else he could do, and hung up on me! The second and third calls involved attempting to explain that there was *A* box delivered, but it was the wrong box. Both of those times, they claimed they would transfer me to a supervisor, and I was hung up on in the process. The fourth call, the agent informed me that they needed a call from the receiver and that I couldn't do anything from this end. *head desk*

The fifth call finally got me to somebody who apparently got the gist of what I was telling them, and said they would start the claim process. Cue sighs of relief. I was informed that somebody would contact me within a few days to let me know if there was anything else I needed to do. So, I relax and wait. And wait. And wait. A week later, I called to find out what was happening. The agent informed me that the package had been delivered (does this sound familiar?) and the receiver would need to call them and ask for somebody to come out to inspect the damage. Whaaat? I launch into the explanation again, and this time I am told I need to call The UPS Store where I shipped the package from and deal with them, as they have nothing to do with this. Oookay.

So, I get on the phone with The UPS Store, and get somebody on the phone. He tells me that I need to deal with one of the managers, and neither is there now, so I have to call back in the morning. The next morning I call, and get the female manager, K, on the phone, who also happens to be the person who assisted me when I shipped. Awesome. She has heard nothing about any of this, and I explain the whole thing to her. She tells me they can initiate the claim there, and we should be able to have a check in hand within a week. Things are looking up. But again, if that were the end of the story, I probably wouldn't be here.

I wait another week, and call them back. I get the male manager this time (who at least knows vague details about this, so I don't have to explain the whole thing yet again), who tells me that they will refer this to the district manager to handle, as they can't release the check from within the store themselves. Sounds simple enough, so I ask how long I can expect to wait, and he tells me that I should hear something back within 3 days.

Three days later, I get a phone call from K, who needs to ask me what the box looks like, and any other details, because UPS is searching their lost and found to try to find it. Heck, it's a DELL box, it has Dell plastered all over the outside. I let her know that we also have pictures of the wrong box, with the extra labels and such, just in case that would help, but of course, no pictures of the Dell box. She tells me she doesn't think the pictures would hurt, and I agree to drop them off the next morning.

I stop in the next morning, and K explains to me that the problem they are having is that their claim office shows the package was delivered, and they can't put a trace on it, so they can't pay it as a Lost claim. However, they also can't pay it out as a Damaged claim, because they would need to inspect it. So there's this loophole that they are trying to work around. But she assures me that we WILL get paid, as it was obviously their fault that the package was lost. So, off I go, to wait some more.

I called them four days later to ask what's going on, and she tells me that her district manager is working on it, and she got the pictures to him, so we should have something any day. *sigh* Okay, I'll wait. I called them again 3 days later, and basically got the same answers, along with assurances that we WILL get paid. That was the 29th. I just got off the phone with her yet again, this time I asked if I can speak with the district manager myself. She told me that he is so high up that he doesn't deal directly with the customers, but that she will email him to find out what's happening, and that he has to answer her email within 24 hours, so she will call me as soon as he does.

So that's where things stand now. I sent a cpu out almost a month ago, UPS lost it, and we can't replace the cpu until they pay out the insurance. I might be less inclined to be upset, but this was a Christmas present, and until we can replace it, the person waiting on the gift has NO computer at all. That might not be such a bad thing all told, but he was not only using it to keep in touch with his Dad (The Mate, my SO), but also for school things, and he really does need to get a computer soon. He also uses it to play WoW, and keeps in touch with his brothers in game there.

If anybody has any suggestions of anything I can do from here to speed things along or push these folks in the right direction, I'd certainly appreciate it.

TL;DR: The UPS Store loses our computer and is dragging their feet on paying out for the insurance.
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