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WTF Jeweler?

Dear Obnoxious Jewelry Repair Guy,

I’m sorry you don’t like the gemstone ring I brought in for a repair estimate. I wasn’t there to ask your opinion on my taste in jewelry; I have friends for that. So when I asked you if the underside of the band could be reinforced, that wasn’t an invitation for you to make me feel like shit for buying it from someone else other than you. Now, I get that you may feel it was your duty to advise me the ring wasn’t well made. I don’t even disagree with you; the band is too thin in one spot, and that’s why I came to see YOU for a repair. Because the sign on your door says “Jewelry Repair,” not “Life Coach.”

This ring happens to have sentimental value for me (funny how jewelry often does), and I happen to want to try and fix what I assumed to be a relatively minor flaw. But you insisted that the only way to salvage the ring was to replace the band entirely, so you being the expert, I decided to hear you out. However, smirking at me, (no joke) and starting your next sentence with “Well, the price of gold being what it is…” makes you sound like an oily used car salesman, and not someone I care to do business with.

So no, thanks. I’m not going to spend twice what I spent on the ring itself so you can rake me over the coals for one of your over-priced, full-retail gold bands that I’m sure you’re desperate to sell to dumb girls like me, when I came in for a repair. And quite frankly, it amazes me that in a recession, you would turn down a $15-$40 repair, because I wouldn’t buy your $200 gold band, or allow you to “just reset” the gemstone in one of YOUR rings for $250.

And on a side note, just because you don’t recognize the gemstone and couldn’t find it in your spiffy gemstone bible does not mean that it doesn’t exist, and I’m an idiot, despite your best efforts to convince me of this by shoving the book in my face. I know exactly what I bought, and why (for those folks who will inevitably ask, the stone is Moldavite, which is a Meteor tektite). In fact, all that tells me is that your knowledge of gems is limited, as well as your customer service skills, and there’s no way in Hell I’m setting foot in your shop again.

To close, you sealed the deal when you turned your back on me and snorted “You have a nice day Ma’am” with a tone that seemed to indicate something other than you wishing me a nice day.

Seriously, who expects that shit from a jewelry repair tech? If he was really passionate about not helping me, all he had to say was “Gee, I’d like to help, but your best bet is to contact the place you bought it from. If that doesn’t work out, I’d be happy to sell you another ring.” Instead, he spent 10 minutes trying very hard to make me feel stupid.

I love the ring, and I always get compliments on it when I wear it. And if I have to ultimately replace the band, I have an old gold band with a broken gemstone I can use as a replacement that some OTHER jeweler can work on.

West Omaha Jewelers. Stay far, far away.
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