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 I've asked to speak with a manager twice in my entire life. THIS was the second time ever, after a lame experience at a restaraunt last night. This is a letter I am considering sending.


We arrived well before the comedy show was to begin. When the hostess came back from seating other customers, the first thing she asked us was if we had reservations. We advised her we did not, and that we were just here for the comedy show. She told us if we wanted to see it, it’d be $20 and that included dinner or $70 for four people. We told her we’d been advised it was a $5 cover. The hostess told us we were misinformed and we could either pay for the dinner and show, or just eat dinner on the other side of the restaurant. We opted just to get food as we were already there and hungry.

We were seated, our waitress came and took our order and then we waited. It took approximately 45 minutes from us ordering food to actually receive it. It took 30 minutes alone for one of the two side salads to come to our table. The second side salad – a Caesar salad – was free of dressing of any kind.

While we were eating, the comedian we had come to see swung by and saw we wouldn’t be able to see the show and asked a waitress to assist us. We explained to the waitress why we weren’t seated on the side where the show was to be – and she informed us we actually would have had the option to just pay $5 and sit at the bar. She then said she’d check with her manager to see what could be done. 20 minutes passed and this waitress never returned to let us know anything – even if anything could not have been done for us, it would have been courtesy to at least tell us that – especially considering the whole situation stemmed from miscommunication between restaurant staff to begin with.

At this point, I asked for a manager and the waitress who had allegedly went off to see if she could seat us at the show suddenly re-appeared offering us seats. I declined and just requested a manager. When he finally came over, I first asked if what we were told by the hostess was accurate and he told us it was not. My frustration was elevated in this conversation as he kept trying to make it seem like we’d misunderstood though we’d even said we thought we had an option of a $5 cover and were told we were wrong. We were told we wouldn’t have had the option of the meal and show because it was all reserved – even though the hostess had offered it to us! I then explained we were further upset at the length of time it took for the food to come out and the waitress who offered help but then disappeared. The response we received to these complaints was mostly arguments as to why our frustration wasn’t justified, and a vague, yet surly apology.

Honestly, this whole experience was frustrating. The absolute lack of communication within the restaurant for an event that had clearly been planned for awhile was frustrating, but the response to our complaints was even more so. If a customer asks for a manager and has – what I believed to be quite a valid complaint – I do not expect arguments or to be told that I misunderstood what I was told. I don’t expect – when assistance is offered – for that person to then disappear and never follow up with us.

And while the point of complaining wasn’t to garner any compensation – none was offered until another person at my table piped up and another argument with your manager ensued. Ultimately, one $8 entrée was taken off our entire meal.

This was my first visit to your establishment and likely my last. I consider this unfortunate as I am new to this area and Coyote’s seemed like a place with plenty of events that would have been fun. However, with the service we received and management’s response to it, I can’t see a reason this situation would not happen again.



The gist: Went to see a show, were told the wrong thing by hostess to did not get to see show, awful/no service and management basically blames us for their staff errors. Is this letter even worth sending?
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