blaze_villain (blaze_villain) wrote in bad_service,

Xbox Live Epic Fail

My husband and I have two different profiles on our XBox 360 that we wanted Gold memberships for XBox Live for.
TL:DR XBox tells us we didn't buy what we bought, and then tells us we cancelled the membership the same day we bought it.

First of all, I should let you know we bought both memberships on the same day with the same card, and both charges were taken out of the bank.
The first username we had worked out fine. We got our 12 months perfectly fine.
One username still had 2 months of a prepaid card left, so we bought 12 months with our credit card and we got the conformation e-mail telling us that the 12 months would go into effect after the 2 months expired, which was yesterday.
 Yesterday, we turn on the 360 and the membership is all of a sudden Silver. I think "That's fine- I'll just give them a call, maybe it takes a day or two to switch over."
I call Xbox and they tell me that we had paid with a prepaid card, which wasn't true. Then the man tells me that one of us got online and cancelled the membership the same day we bought it. Ummm.... why would we cancel the membership if it wasn't supposed to start until  yesterday? I asked him. He says "I don't know, but someone did get online and cancel it." He tells me that our $49.99 is now wasted money, because we "cancelled" our membership. Not only did he keep repeating that we cancelled our membership, but he got rude with me when I told him that none of us got online and cancelled it. I got so fed up with him repeating the fact that we "cancelled it" that I hung up with him and called another customer representative back.
The second customer representative looked into the charges further and she told me that there was no charge for the second username. I tell her the money came out of our bank, and that we recieved the conformation e-mail. She transfers me to the billing department, who tells me the same thing. They tell me that if they had the entire credit card number instead of just the last 4 digits maybe they could do something else about it. Well, that's not going to help as you can't even recognize I bought the membership. 
I am so fed up with MIcrosoft and Xbox right now I could scream. 
Evidently we wasted 50 dollars on a Gold membership we can't have now because THEY f'd up THEIR system.
And I wasted a lot of time on the phone with them discussing the "missing" membership.

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