slrcosmos (slrcosmos) wrote in bad_service,

this is kinda funny

There's a local McDonald's that's open 24 hours, so I find myself going there most often. They're also across the state line so they don't charge as much tax on take-out orders. I've never had any problems with them but the last three times I've been there they've forgotten stuff.

The first two times they forgot to put sweet and sour sauce in the bag. From reading all the stories, I've made a habit of glancing in the bag real quick to make sure everything is there. The first time it was forgotten, nobody was behind me so I waited at the window. It took a while for the employee to notice me, but I thought it would be too rude to honk my horn.

The second time they forgot my sauce, I just circled around and went back through drive-thru. The employee had a slight attitude but not a big deal.

Today was the kicker. It was both my fault and the employee's. Now normally, the drinks are handed out first and then the food. That's because usually the drinks are ready before the food. I get to the second window and get my bag of food, glance inside real quick and then drive off. I'm at the light and I realize I never got my drink. D'oh! I did a circle and went back through drive-thru to get it.

I have to say that I'm not gonna go to that McDonald's unless it's the only one open. The times for all these events are different so it's not that. It used to have really really good service, with them remembering everything. The funniest thing is that the manager was the one who handed me my food today. I know my managers are anal about everything.
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