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Ok, this is relatively minor, but it irked me.

My husband and I had a friend over for a couple days, and the friend decided to treat us to some lunch. We hit up Zaxby's, because we were all kinda craving some chicken fingers.

We decided to order the 20 piece chicken (those two boys can eat a lot), 2 fries to split, and our drinks.

The place was a little busy, but didn't seem like anything they couldn't handle, and the food was coming out in good time. When we got our order, we had 4 sauces. Now, if you've eaten at Zaxby's, you'll know there's something about that sauce. It's pretty tasty, and the boys were going to want a couple more for all of us, since double dipping is a no-no, and they liked it for their fries as well. (I note that a lot of people prefer that sauce to the ketchup, for everything).

My husband goes to the counter and politely asks for a couple more sauces. No, really. His (nearly) exact words were, "Hey, we got the 20 piece, and we have our four sauces, but could we maybe have 2 more if ya don't mind?" We've both worked a lot of customer service, so we do try and be understanding of policy, but it never hurts to ask right?

The girl at the counter looked really confused, and then asked someone in a nicer shirt (I'm going to assume it is some sort of Lead) how many sauces come with the 20 piece. Someone from the food area (there is a little window between the register and food areas) in another nicer shirt sort of glares at my husband, and says "It comes with four". Husband says, "Yes, we got our four, we just wanted a couple more?" The person in the food area once again sort of glares (momentary pause, narrowed eyes) then launches 2 sauces through the window at the counter girl.

I'm not really sure how much more polite he could have been, except for perhaps asking if extra sauces cost extra, but it was never mentioned in the exchange. I'm sure he'd have paid for them, or I'd have suggested it, but he was just glared at with no attempt at explanation.

I'm not sure what was up that day. We've normally gotten good service at most of the Zaxby's restaurants in our area. But this particular day was just not good. A lady nearby our table also seemed to have found a hair in her salad, for which the manager simply gave her a refund. I wasn't trying to be nosy, but hair in food makes me... ill so I tend to notice that when it comes up.

Tl;dr Zaxby's employee glares at us for wanting a couple more sauces, but doesn't mention if it's normally extra cost.
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