Cate (shaboomila) wrote in bad_service,

It was like from a movie....

Hi, this is my first post. If anything is wrong feel free to yap at me to fix it.

This big clothing chain just introduced a new line of clothing that is right up my alley. I looked at the entire line online, but I like to try stuff on before buying it. I bundled up and headed to the closest store by me. They didn't have half of what I saw online (including the one sweater I wanted), so I asked a very sweet worker what was up with that. She explained that no store gets the entire line, and they spread it out over the stores within a given area and suggested I try calling another one of the stores which was also close by.
I went back home disappointed but did just what she suggested, called the other store.

It went like this:
Me, hi!
Work, Over worked/pissy employee

After a few rings...
Work: basodifuasjdfnosdfasjndflasdfosndflansdfoij
Me: Oh I'm sorry, I think I might have called the wrong number, can you say that again?
Work: Hello this is (big chain store).
Me: Oh hi, I was wondering if you had something in stock. It is this (quick explanation, no more than two sentences.)
Work: Um, do you have a product code?
Me: The product code is listed online, right?
Work: *sigh* Yes
Me: Yeah, one sec....
Work: Sorry, would you mind holding
Me: Not at all

After what seemed a long time I looked at my phone to see this lovely convo/holding had been 22 minutes. I assumed they might have forgotten me hung up and called again. I was shocked after two rings to hear the same person.

Work: What?
Me: Oh sorry, I have a product code I was wondering if you would just see if it was in stock?
Work: Can you wait on hold? the cash register is really busy.

(Now I do feel bad about this, I should have just shut up and said ok and hung up and given up, but no excuse, I was out of line for this)

Me: I was just put on hold for half an hour. Do I have to wait?
Work: Fine, what's your name, #, and the product code. We'll look it up later and call you back.

I give my number, spell my name out god knows how many times, yadda yadda. Then I say good bye and the woman says nothing, just puts the phone down. I noticed she didn't hang up, and so I listened. For someone who is working a busy cash register with I would assume guests at it she used very colorful language. I was a called a stupid bitch, I was only on hold for 10 minutes, blah blah blah. I was pushy and rude, blah blah bah, and she couldn't be bothered to do it. I heard another voice say fine, I'll do it. I hung up a little shocked.

Now my actions weren't all sweet and innocent, I should have just said sorry they were busy and I would call back another day. But after what I heard I am questioning the whole "oh we're super busy" and am persuaded to think they were kind of busy, and just wanted to ignore me. Or maybe she intended for me to stay on the line and just get it over with...... Safe to say the store is closed now and I didn't get a call back.
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