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"I'm not serving them!"

Hi, new poster, but something happened tonight that I really wanted to share...

Tonight I was in Ybor City (Tampa, Fl) with a friend of mine, catching a CD release party. The music was pretty drab, so we decided to hightail it over to a little Creperie to have a bit to nosh on before everyone got drunk and the streets got too crowded.

Inside, we took a table and my friend ordered us 2 vanilla lattes. She, having been the chef here before and myself having been a barista know what a proper latte should look like. What was delivered to our table was NOT a proper latte. There was no foam, there were chunks of some kind of powder floating around in it. IN truth, it smelled like a mocha.

We called the waiter over, and (kindly) pointed out the things wrong. Immediately the guy jumped to the defensive. "I made it vanilla, we use a powder" (dude I can see the vanilla syrup from here..) Instead of just saying "I'm sorry, let me fix that" he got bent out of shape. As his voice started to rise, the Owner walked over to our table to see what was wrong. My friend started to explain, but the waiter yelled immediately "I'm not serving THEM.. you can deal with them." Excuse me?

True to his word, he didn't serve us, we had to get our own plates of crepe, the Owner made our lattes for us, and what do you know, they were correct. We overheard the owner make the boy pay for the ones he mucked up. He was missing 2 tickets from the night. so apparently his night wasn't going well and us pointing out his error was just the cherry on top of the sundae.

I work in the service industry, I know what it's like to have your errors pointed out, but you accept it with grace an aplomb. This guy.. should not work with the public.

I will say this though, the food there is terrific. If you get a chance to stop in, get the Ybor City Crepe. It's the NOM!
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