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Annoying 7/11 service

This happened to me yesterday and while I don't consider it very bad service by any means, it was certainly annoying. A little bit of backstory: I live in downtown very close to the university I attend, so I always walk to school and back. On the way there I pass a 7/11 and so occasionally I've stopped there for coffee. I know a lot of the employees there now and they're all usually very friendly.

On this occasion, I stopped in at around 8:00 pm after having been at school all day since 8 am. I'd been so busy I hadn't even eaten anything since then, and was feeling very tired and was just craving some chips and dip, and wanted to get in and out of there quickly. I pick up the chips and dip and go to the cash register, where I'm greeted by a friendly guy who's checked me out before. As he's ringing up my stuff he looks around me (the chip isle was right behind where I was standing) and says "Oh yeah, looks like we're still having that special! Did you know you could buy two bags of chips and get a dip for free? It would be cheaper than what you're paying for now! *smilesmile*" I said "Thank you for pointing that out to me, unfortunately I don't need that second bag of chips! *laughs* I'm good with just this one bag."

Him: "But it's cheaper to buy the two bags!"
Me: "I know, but I don't want to have the second bag of chips lying around because I know I'll be tempted to eat it all, so that's ok, I just want this one and the dip."
Him: "But it would save you money! Hell, I'd take the second bag of chips if you didn't want it!"
Me: *awkwardly laughs* "Yeah, well I'd just like to buy this, thanks."

I then slid my card to pay for it, and it displays the usual message of needing the cashier to press a button for the transaction to continue.

Him: Babbling on more about how I could save money and it's crazy for me not to just buy a second bag of chips
Me: My "No, thanks" are getting firmer, and I point out that he hasn't pressed the button yet so I can sign the pad.
Him: "I know I haven't pressed it yet, it's cause I can't believe you don't want to save money! You don't even have to get plain chips! You could get Doritos! Who doesn't like Doritos?? I love Doritos! You could give me those Doritos if you don't want them!"
Me: "I don't want Doritos. Please just press the button so I can sign."
Him: *gives me an exasperated look* "...Okay, fine."
Me: "Thank you." *signs and grabs bag of chips and dip*
Him: "Do you need a bag?"
Me: "No thanks I'm good."
Him: "Okay, bye!"
Me: Walking out the door.
Him: *calling after me* "I still can't believe you didn't buy the second bag of chips though, you could've saved some money!..."

I was just amazed that he would NOT stop harrassing me about buying the second bag of chips! I KNOW it's slightly cheaper, but I'm trying to have some willpower in losing weight here damnit! I wasn't about to explain all that to him though, cause it was none of his business.
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