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Moar Time Warner Crap

Follow up to this: if anyone cares.

Got in touch with a rep the day of the above post, who told me the account was caught up and we had nothing to worry about, sorry for the drama.

Guesssss what I got yesterday?

Oh, that's right. A bill. Now for $37.82 PAST DUE. So that would be the $32 I talked about in the post above, and then a $5 late fee tacked on. I just paid the current charges last Monday.

Then we get a CALL from Time Warner's COLLECTION company, saying our service was getting shut off on Saturday.

My husband is on the phone with them (Time Warner itself) right now, has been for the last 40 minutes, trying to explain that we didn't want the services we were charged for. After he said that, all of the sudden the rep went digging into our account and it became another issue we owed for something else... That happened to break down to exactly the same amount.

I have a headache. I'm moving to DirecTv or something, I can't take this crap anymore. WTF Time Warner?
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