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I WIN!!!! (1 down 1 left)

Hah! One final nastygram bitchfest sent to them a little while ago (after the one in my last thread) got me this:

Jennifer I only have one account with us that has your credit card in it and no others. Refunds have been issued in full for what was charged for that account. I searched all databases that we have for other possible uses of your credit card and I could not find any. Do you have a hard copy of your credit card statement that you could fax to 858-410-6928 so that we can review it? I've also gone ahead and deleted any mention of your name from the whois on the domain.

And here I was thinking of setting up an hourly cronjob to fire off nastygrams. Looks like I now have to aim the cronjobs at alone. Bwahahahahah...

Now why is it you have to be such an asshole to companies to get them to stop scamming you? (and, to those of you who can actually pick out what the speech balloon says, I think this icon is pretty appropriate!)

(Update: They refunded the two charges I saw plus one extra refund for $5.95. Looks like I get a free lunch courtesy of Henlein was wrong! Now if only Neovi would respond to me -- another fax will be sent today. Today's other 'bad service' story: Apple still has not shipped the new mini I ordered to replace our aging web server here at work, nearly three weeks on, and wants ANOTHER week, according to their order status website, to get their heads out of their asses and ship my order. We're a huge educational institution that spends tens of thousands of dollars on their stuff, literally, so you'd think they'd try harder! I suspect we're a victim of "you can't buy it anywhere, so suck it up, HAHAH!" attitude.)

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