Ginger (rainydaymare) wrote in bad_service,


Hay sup guys. This is maybe 60% bad service and 40% me being dense, but still worth complaining about, IMO.

So, I take this medication for depression/anxiety. It is shiny and good and wonderful and does what it should do to my brains. Only problem is, the withdrawal is NASTY. Like, I'm pretty sure the word "excruciating" was invented JUST for this kind of withdrawal. So needless to say I do not skip my meds if I can help it.

I went to the pharmacy last week to get my refill because I had noticed I only had about three days' worth of pills left. So far, so good. Pharmacy dude says I'm OUT of refills, which is, in retrospect, something I should've been aware of. So I call the nurse/practitioner who wrote me my prescription in the first place, hoping to get a prescription renewal like usual.

I get a recording stating that HER PRACTICE HAS BEEN CLOSED. Closed! Just like that! So over the course of the next few days (having run out of meds) I slump around trying not to die and phoning various people until finally I get someone at the local clinic to write me a prescription. I'm so glad this story has a happy ending. XD
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