Lisa-~<_>~My Eyes R My Camera... (mysticchyna) wrote in bad_service,
Lisa-~<_>~My Eyes R My Camera...

Original Pancake House = Disaster

My husband and I were left so shocked by the shitty service and treatment we got at Original Pancake House that we were *almost* rendered speechelss...we DID however leave without paying....not that we even GOT anything *to* pay for.

Anyway...I've been there before and enjoyed their famous "Dutch Baby" pancake. My husband finally woke up early enough to go...(he works a lot)....thing is the location near us is only open until 3:00 P.M, which we think is stupid anyway. We called ahead, and they will be open until 3. We got there at 2:20 P.M

We ordered, got our coffee...things seemed fine...the place was PACKED...and we saw two tables get their food, one shortly before just as disaster sturck our table.
I had ordered the Dutch Baby, and my husband ordered eggs benedict. Well after a half is now about 2:50...the waitress places my Dutch Baby in front of me but has no food for my husband. She says that the kitchen is closed, but they *just only* told her. They didn't have the goods to make the Eggs we are like, then can he have a menu to order somethign else? The bitch says NO. That the kitchen is closed and that the cooks left?!

I'm like, so let me get this take a half hour to bring me my dish...but only at the last minute realise you don't have it to make my husbands...AND you wont' let him reorder? We were FUMING. As we saw someone get food right next to us.

So I just shoved the Dutch Baby at the watiress and said:
"Well you take this shit back, and don't even THINK of giving us a check, this is fucked up." I looked at my husbands was not even 3 yet. We were so pissed and shocked at the crappy treatment we did not even stay to yell at a manager...we just left.

Original Pancake House SUCKS!
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