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AT&T? A Pain in My A**

   So the SO and I moved in together July of last year, to prepare for this I scouted around for internet and home phone service. Much to my dismay the only provider was AT&T. (I would have happily gone to satellite but our apartment isn't capable of getting it) So, I call up and make the purchase and go on my way.  A week later, when I hadn't received the modem in the mail, I called and used the account number they gave me to check the status.  But oh! AT&T says that isn't a valid account and they never processed the order, no internets for me. So I shrug, consider it a sign that I shouldn't have used them and continue to look for other options. 
    Fast forward to month in the new place, I receive a bill saying I owe them for a month of internet and a modem I never received. I call, the rep says its taken care of and to disregard any future bills. I do so and then the next month a bill arrives saying I now owe the past due amount and a new month of service.  I call AGAIN and the rep says its been cancelled and disregard the bill.

    Two months later I recieve a notice stating I'm seriously past due and they are about to send me to collections. By now I'm beyond livid and have finally realized that I have to use them if I'm to continue my online schooling.

I call a final time, get names and confirmation # that its been cancelled, and an adjustment of all charges. Finally its taken care of!  I then make a new account and all is going fine and dandy. This one is handled completely right, and I receive everything and start paying my bills.

Then I get a notice from a collections agency saying that AT&T sent them an account where I owe 92.23 dated in Dec 09.  I call them and I'm calm but I definitely have a "don't screw around with me or make me call you again" tone. I get bounced around several times, then end up in Account Receivable, where they figure out that the last person did not adjust all the charges and left the modem charge on the previous account.

Twenty minutes later, they claim to have taken care of it. They promise this will automatically cancel the collection. I'm far from convinced but I have a confirmation number and I'll give them a week or so to make sure this has been finally taken care of. 

I hate them so farking much. I don't even know what action I could(or would) take if it still isn't fixed after this.  All I can do I guess is warn the public from them.

Edited: to fix a few errors that immediately jumped out at me.
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