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Embarrassed at Tim Horton's

I'm debating whether to call a manager tomorrow morning and tell them about the situation.

Myself, my boyfriend and my best friend stopped at Tim Horton's last night for a coffee and food. Once every two weeks or so, I usually end up there with a friend and we usually stay anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Last night, we were there for an hour before we were rudely asked to leave by a security officer. One second, he was in a corner laughing with two other officers and the next he was at our table. He loudly said "Okay guys. I let you stay well past the 20 minute limit! You have to leave!" He said this loud enough that people at nearby tables were staring at us. I told him that there wasn't a sign saying that there was a time limit and he said it "was a new rule" and told us once again to leave. He stood at our table and glared at us while we were gathering up our garbage and left.

1. There are no signs up in the restaurant saying that there is a 20 minute limit.
2. The restaurant was half-full when he asked us to leave.
3. The group of older people sitting nearest to us were there for at least 20 minutes and weren't asked to leave.
4. Yes, we look young (I look about 17, but I'm pretty much 21, boyfriend is 21 and my best friend is 24), but we weren't being loud and disturbing the other people in the restaurant... we were debating science for most of the visit :P

I've never been asked to leave an establishment ever and was pretty embarrassed and shooken up. I felt like telling the security guard off last night but didn't want to cause a scene. It turned my friend and I off from future visits. Is this something to talk to management about?

Edited to add:
My friend and I were talking about what had happened last night. The security guard had said "I let you stay well past the 20 minute time limit." That's what made my friend upset. The security guard doesn't own the establishment! Then he said "You've been here for an hour and a half!" We were there for a little over an hour. By the time we got our food, it was 9:05, and it was roughly 10:10 when he approached our table.

This was the first time I had ever seen security guards at this location, and you know what he was doing all night? He was standing in a corner with two other guys, laughing and talking the entire time we were there. We never saw him ask any of the other patrons to leave.

My friend had thought that the security was there to make sure nobody was getting into trouble (there was a large number of teens hanging around the parking lot, especially around her car, which she wasn't too happy about) or parking illegally (there was a hockey game nearby that night and people will try to park their cars in the Tim's parking lot). We thought he was there for security and not to kick people out after they surpass the invisible 20 minute time limit. We'll stop by tomorrow after class and if the manager isn't in, I'll give them a call on Tuesday. If we don't get a satisfactory explaination, we'll just tell them that we'll take our business to the competition :P

Edited again: Spoke to the manager. She apologized and agreed that the security guard was out of line. She said that she'll speak to the security. She also said that there was a small sign... she was standing at the end of the counter and strained her neck towards the general direction of the sign, but we looked while we were ordering and didn't see it. An apology was good enough for my friend and I. They were getting tired of the loitering teens, hence the security. We told her that now that we know about the time limit, we'll make sure to respect it in the future :)
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