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7-11 Update: Happy Ending!

My husband stopped by a nearby 7-11 last night to grab a couple of sodas. The cashier told him his total was $3.12. He gets home, tells me the total and gives me the receipt. This morning I check out bank account and there is a charge of $13.12.


So, I check the receipt and turns out the cashier added a $10 scratch-off lottery card to the total before scanning the drinks and then told my husband the total minus the $10 for the card. I called the store and was told I would have to speak to the manager. Asked when he would be in an was told "Yes Ma'am, good night!" and hung up on. Called back and asked when the manager would be in and was told "Manager not here, sorry." and then *click*.

I complained to their customer relations office and got a case number. They are supposed to get back to me after reviewing the situation. So, I'm thinking that we just kissed that $10 goodbye. I hope that employee enjoys his scratch card that he bought with stolen money from a family that is about to lose its only source of income and only has $35 until payday now.

UPDATE: Got a call today from their customer relations person. They reviewed the cameras (turns out they keep at least a months worth of video recorded on their computers) and saw that the customer before my husband had traded in a winning card for another scratch off and the cashier just didn't ring it up right. When I went to the store to get my money, the manager was super nice and showed me the video of what happened and offered me a free drink.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, "i'll not be coming back here", baaaaaaad service, bloody hell, business breaking the rules, customers shouldn't get what they want, define: doozy, gethuman.com, it's only bad service if you die, scams, seriously call the cops now
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