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I know a lot of people belong to this community and customers_suck so I need to know what the hell I can do here!

I used to have direct deposit at work but they shut it off and lost the form I had to reinstate it. Sigh. That was just the beginning of my problems. Payroll had me email them to turn it on but it won't be set till next weeks check, which means I had to deposit my check yesterday. I did so at 2:30 p.m. I usually don't get to do it till around 5 or 6 so I said to myself, by doing it early I am probably jinxing myself. I was so right.

When I deposit money to my CHASE account, it always shows as uncollected funds and doesn't become available for a day or so. Maybe something changed with the banking and if any customer server bank reps read this, please tell me. This time the funds showed as available immediately. I ignored it and went back to work. A friend wanted to go out after work and I knew I was low on funds and checked the site and it showed it as available and CALLED the bank to make sure I could use the money. I talked to a rep. She said she was sure it was fine, blah, blah, blah. So, I used the debit card to go to the movies, etc.

Today, I look online and I have a negative balance. Now, even if the money hadn't cleared yesterday after all, 97% of the time, it would be clear by this morning or still show on the site that I made the deposit. This time it didn't. Keep in mind I am already really really really upset because my home computer broke. My computer is my baby. I love my computer. I am a geek and it is an extension of me. Whatever your security blanket is, mine is my laptop. So, I call and ask. I tried to be extra civil because I didn't want to take my frustration out on the rep. They have no record of yesterday's deposit and that if the money is lost, I will need to put in a claim and it will take 45 days to investigate and I can request provisional funds but that will take 4-10 to *possibly* get approved. I started to get aggrivated. I explained that I can't wait that long for *my* money. There was a record of the deposit yesterday and I spoke to a rep. I have the printed reciept. The rep. insisted she could do nothing. She offered to transfer me to a higher-level customer service person to talk to and I agreed. I waited on the line while she went off to get one and explain the situation.

The woman who came on the line proceeded to explain to me that it was my fault because I should have known the check wouldn't clear so fast if I had deposited checks before. She also said that it didn't matter if I had talked to someone the night before and they gave me the wrong info. Hell, I understand people make mistakes but I am the one getting screwed for it now. I was told that the check might still show up tomorrow and if it didn't then my only recourse was the 45 day investigation as well as the 4-10 business days before possibly getting provisional funds even though that might not be approved. We went round and round and I explained that I can't wait that long for money, especially since my account know has a negative balance! She refused to credit me the $30 back for insufficient funds saying that was from a large check I wrote that I didn't have funds for. I explained I had desposited cash early in the day, the day before for that check. It sucks but I was only able to deposit exactly the amount the check was for. It was cash so it would clear faster and be there when the check was cashed. But nope, she said that the cash wasn't counted yet (a day later) and I was short. I said forget it, I don't want the 30 bucks (even though it seems to me cash would clear a hell or a lot faster than a check deposited against my account on the same day) but I don't want to get charged for any other checks I wrote today when I was told the money was there. The rep told me I would get charged cause the money wasn't in my account. I explained that the rep the night before told me I had the money and she didn't care. So, I had to call people I wrote checks too and tell them not to do anything. I was so frustrated I started crying at my desk. I had to go in the bathroom and cry in one of the stalls cause I didn't want people seeing me. I am so switching banks. They offered me no real solutions to get my money back in a timely manner, can't find the record of the deposit even though it was there yesterday and said that happens sometimes but it can show up tomorrow and then told me any bad checks I wrote even though they showed the money in the account last night are on me!

Uggh. This was so long, but I need to know what to do! I am freaking out and these people are no help. Plus, I asked her to make a note of the fact that I had spoken to a rep. last night and now they money I was told was available to me now isn't. She seemed to indicate she wouldn't because that didn't matter.

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