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WTF: Starbucks barrista / comic bombs and takes me with him...

I entered my local Starbucks around 2 pm on a Saturday afternoon - a little groggy from enjoying many drinks the night previous, but enjoying the sunshine.  I'm perusing the case full of goodies and pondering a possible snack along with my chai tea latte (xtra hot!), when I catch the conversation the barrista is having with the customer a few people ahead of me.

The barrista, in a booming (rather scary) voice, asks the woman what "the most embarrassing song in your music collection" is.  I didn't hear her answer, but she must've given one as the barrista bursts out in song (a country song I didn't recognize, possibly Shania Twain or something).  I'm kind of flipping between being entertained / freaked out by him at this point and very much wanting to focus on my order.

I become a little anxious over wth MY song will be, *thinkthinkthink*, as I inch closer....  The woman directly ahead of me is asked the very same thing, but I didn't hear a song at the end, so she maybe politely passed?  I figure I can as well and relax a bit, smiling as he asks what what he can get for me.

I am halfway through my order and about to add on the "xtra hot" bit, when he gets all scary (loud voice) and asks... 

I say, "I'm really not good when put on the spot - can I get back to you after I've had some yummy, caffeinated *wink* coffee?" and continue being upbeat about the whole thing, as he seemed a happy guy and just trying to be friendly

His face instantly changes, like Jekyll-Hyde, and he scowls at me and says, "yeah, whatever" and waves me off, catching the eye of the customer behind me and rolling his eyes.  I try to add the last part of my order, but he turns his back on me pointedly and seems super pissed.

I am kind of stunned and wander down to the serving area, catching one of the other barristas so I can make sure they steam it longer, like I wanted.

Was there some kind of promo thing where barristas HAVE to ask this question?  I know they do when they offer you a cookie on occasion, but even then, it's nice on both ends and no one's feelings are hurt... 


*edited because I suck at cuts as much as song recollection.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, coffee/doughnuts/bagels

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