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Minor but...just why?!?

Background: I am currently enrolled in culinary school (and loving it). Today started the last week of my current term (garde manger, with an awesome teacher, irrelevant but worth mentioning) and being a last minuter I stayed a little late to complete all the work that was due today (it's assigned every week but collected end of term). We also had a recipe file due and I had all my recipes organized and ready to pop into my binder when I got to school....had my dumb ass remembered it.

So I head to the school's bookstore to grab a folder, not as pretty of a presentation but for the assignment it wasn't worth taking a late grade on. I grab a pretty red one with 3 rings and take it to the register, cashier tells me it's $0.93. All I have is a $10 but I figure it's not like a large bill. Cashier tells me she doesn't have change. I react a bit incredulously since there was quite the line in front of me and I know I saw a few people pay cash in front of me, but not to make assumptions I take her word for it and go on the hunt for change.
So I run around the (admittedly small) campus and come back about 15 minutes later with a single to pay. She's sitting behind the counter looking bored, and I make small talk a la "'s dead now huh?", and she replies yes, it's been dead since I left, yada yada yada blah blah blah, here's my buck I'll take the folder. She pops open the drawer and lo and behold there are literally stacks of bills and fully stocked change trays. I just took my change and walked out without my requisite thank you then had the classic Costanza moment of "I shoulda said something", but I was dumbfounded. I do believe I will make a complaint though, that was just ridiculous and I can't think of any reason behind it.
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, ^annoyance, retail

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