Georgia (becomingun) wrote in bad_service,

Bus driver scares the shit out of me.

Does this count as bad service or am I being oversensitive and creeped?

I was getting on the bus yesterday, and the driver let me on, and then since there were a few minutes before he had to leave, took a call on his cell phone.

The call was with his wife/female significant other(he said "I have no idea why I don't just leave your ass."). He verbally abused her, quite loudly, the entire time.

The call started out normally and then all of a sudden he started getting angry and telling her "You're stupid. If you were smart we wouldn't be having this problem, would we?? God, you're a fucking idiot.", "has she EVER treated you nicely? Invited you out for a cup of coffee? NO, because you're stupid and wasting your fucking time.", "No, no, shut up. Shut up!" but he wasn't yelling or anything, just speaking oddly loudly and matter-of-factly like this was a waste of his time. I'm a 21-year-old female and I was the only passenger on this bus at the time, so it's just me and this driver who's standing by the front doors talking this way to this woman.

The call lasted until it was time to leave, and when he noticed me glance up at him(when I heard him call her "fucking stupid" and was startled by the language), glared and me and waved his arm at me like I was invading his privacy.

When I got off he told me to "watch myself." edit: apparently this is sometimes a parting greeting, I've just never heard it.

I feel like I should contact the transit authority, but I don't know, I know the behaviour is unacceptable, but are they going to tell me I'm wasting my time?
Tags: public transit

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