aelphaba_fae (aelphaba_fae) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service at The Cravery

I recently discovered the amazingness that is the hand-held pot pies at The Cravery.  Every once in a while, I will treat myself to one for dinner.  The last two or three times I've gone, the same employee has been there.   He's always helped me pretty uneventfully...until today.

Relevant:  As I mentioned previously in a disability-related bad service post, I'm obviously mobility impaired (about 4 ft. tall and using a scooter).

I go in tonight, order my pie, and as he's ringing me up...


Guy:  Can I ask you a personal question?

Me:  Um...okay?  *should have said "no," I know, but jeez...*

Guy:  Were you born like that?

Me:  That's...inappropriate.

Guy:  I know.  *stares at me expectantly*

Me:  So...I'm not going to answer that?

Guy:  You can choose not to answer.  That's your choice  *continues to stare at me expectantly*

Me:  Okay?  I know it is.   I'm choosing not to.


Really?  I mean, really??  Sure, little kids ask that, and I try to answer helpfully.  They're curious, and I don't want to leave them with the impression that people with disabilities are mysterious/unfriendly/scary/etc.  But dude, you're an adult.  Please attempt to differentiate in your mind between what is socially acceptable and what is incredibly rude.

It was almost comical how long it took him to understand that I wasn't going to answer his question.

Sad thing is, I really love those pot pies.  But now I don't want to go back and deal with inappropriate guy.  :(

Edited because I'd forgotten that he said "I know." after I told him it was inappropriate.  Amazing.


UPDATE:  The owner of the store emailed me back first thing this morning, apologizing, saying it wasn't their policy and the matter had been dealt with.  She also included a $10 gift certificate, which was nice but unnecessary.  I emailed her back thanking her for her prompt response, and stating that I understood that the employee most likely didn't intend to cause offense, but I just felt he needed to know that it wasn't appropriate.  Anyway, I really appreciated the way she addressed it.
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