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Finally starting to feel smug about something!

This is a quick update to the recent scam problems I've had:

Hello has been terminated from our systems

Please contact your local law enforcement authority (police department, sherriff's office etc) and request them to follow up on this with a subpoena for this user's data, if you would like to prosecute this person


But wait! There's more!

APlus refused to refund my money and claims it's "investigating". I promptly reported them to the FCC and to the BBB as knowing accessories to fraud who care more about keeping my money than they do about making things right, even after verifying enough of my account information that it should be blindingly, screamingly obvious that I'm the accountholder of the credit card; I mailbombed Neovi, the printer ink guys, at abuse@, webmaster@, postmaster@, and inksales@ demanding a response now that they have failed to respond to my initial faxed demand letter, and threatened them with BBB reporting as well as well as telling them that if they don't act, my bank will yank the funds out of their account -- and ding them with a charge-back fee for EACH yank.

You would think companies would care more about their good name and the fact that, as I understand it, those chargeback fees can be pretty hefty! (how big are they, anyway? Anyone know?)

And in other 'bad service' news ... ugh, McDonalds put pickle on my burger even though I asked them not to (and the written order screen confirmed it). At least they used gobs of bacon, so I can mostly forgive them. And this shamrock shake ain't too bad ...
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