Becky (beckatsila) wrote in bad_service,

Update: BeckAtsila vs. The Apartment

It's been a long, rough past few days, and I'm still not sure how I did it, but I'm back in a warm apartment.

I called the office on Monday. They told me maintainence came by, put in a new heater, got the water running, and the smoke detector was good although it needed a 9-volt battery, which they didn't have (they've known that for some time). I was skeptical, but my mother gave me a lift back there to check it out.

I opened my apartment and realized that I was going to be a guest at my parents' place another day. The guy brought a small space heater that was maybe slightly smaller than my computer printer, if that. Not only was it obviously inadequate, but it was a fire code violation. The water worked, but there was air in the pipes. I went by CVS, bought the batteries myself, and after some gymnastics with a butter knife screwdriver got the thing working.

The angry part in regards to that thing is the office said that if the DIY repair didn't work, come by and they'd switch it out with a functioning detector in another unit (Why the hell didn't they do that in the first place?!)

The office called the repairman again, and I found out he worked for the owner, Partners In Housing, not the office. That's not uncommon--I went on PIH's web page and found that while they advertise that they offer social services, it's a cooperating outside agency that offers the services. PIH basically just buys an old building and "rehabilitates" it.

The PIH repairman went back to my apartment with another code-violating space heater, tripped my breaker, and left. I led Mom and the office staff back up to my apartment, and we contacted the Dingbat for a third time. He told us that they weren't his space heaters, but we were able to get him back here.

I should have stayed and watched the whole time he was there, but that wasn't possible. I took pictues, took notes, and left. He had opened the heater's front grill (is that the term?), revealing God only knows how many years of dust. I left for a short time, and my entourage and I returned, staff didn't look plesed. He claimed he'd replaced the heater, so we went to see--and discovered a unit so similar to the one I'd had when I left that it still blew cold air out of a third of it and barely lukewarm air out the rest of it.

This morning, I called the office, and they said everything was good to go. It was--I have a functioning heater, water, and smoke detector, so I'm appeased.

I also have a file of incriminating information on Parnters In Housing--I love the Freedom of Information Act! We'll see what happens, but PIH may land in some trouble--enough to where I don't care whether or not they read this.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!

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