princesse des reves (kirakirajenjen) wrote in bad_service,
princesse des reves

Chase, I hate you

This is the sad tale of a stupid college student and the bank/credit card company that tried to screw her over

This story begins during my freshman year of college. Being the huge Disney fan that I am, one day on my frequent trips to Disneyland, I decided to sign up for the Disney Rewards Visa card (which is run by Chase). Honestly, I didn't think I would get approved, but you got a $10 giftcard for applying, so why not?
Well, I did get approved. And since I could earn Disney Dollars for money I spent, I figured it would be a good card for me. Now, at this point I was using this credit card only for specific things, and my mother was paying for it (food and such that she approved for me to charge). She noticed on the bills that there was a "Payment Protector Plan" that was charging me money and told me to call and cancel it, which I did.
Eventually she got a new card that gave her rewards and had me start using that one. The Disney card sat dormant for a while.
Along comes Junior year and I decide that I am "responsible". I can totally use the credit card and not charge too much and I will just pay it off every month. I'm sure you can see where this is going. I pulled a stupid college student and ran up a large balance. Oops.
When I finally figure out that this is BAD, I stop using the card altogether, and all I do is pay off part of the balance each month. Everything is going fine, I think.
One day while making my payment, I realize that I really should have paid off more of the balance. Even with the interest, with the payments I was making, the balance should be lower. Looking for answers, I go to my statement and OMG WTF there is a big chunk paid to the "payment protector plan".
What? I canceled that years ago! Now, I am aware that I was an idiot for not paying attention and checking my statement and realizing this earlier, however, that doesn't change the fact that I was paying into a program that I had canceled.
I begin making calls. Chase transfers me to the payment protector people. They tell me that I never cancelled. They can refund one month, but that's it. I am raging. I try to cancel. Chase transfers me to the payment protector people. Here is where I realize the problem. I was never transferred there when I canceled. Someone at Chase told me it was canceled, but never transferred me to the people that could actually do it!
After some research, I found and filed a complaint. A few weeks later, I get a call from Chase. They are going to refund the money I paid into the payment protector! I had won. Horray! I wait for the money to be refunded back into my account.
And wait and wait and wait.
It was October when I was told that the money was going to be refunded.
Since then, I have tried calling both Chase and the payment protector people numerous times, and both tell me that they don't know what's going on. Last time I called, they said there was a note on my account saying that the money was going to be refunded. This was a few weeks ago.
I am just flabberghasted at all the lies and bad service. I have filed a second complaint with in the hopes that they can get them to put the money back into my account.
Once this card is paid off, I will never use anything with Chase again. No amount of love for Disney and Disney dollars is worth this sort of crap.
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