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I haven't even went up there yet but the bad service is already happening now.

I'm going to post this in the time line of it happening.

Saturday, I have $6.57 in the bank, make a purchase at BK for $3.30, thus leaving me with $3.27 in the bank.

I don't purchase anything else till Monday night where out of habit I hand them my debit card and the girl runs it before remember I have cash and was supposed to use that instead. The charge is 8.00 even.

8.00 - 3.27 = 4.73 overdraft. I can live with this, it was my mistake. I'll even bite the 35 bucks that might charge. I'm not sure if they started the under 5 dollars overdraft and no charge thing.

Tues morning husbands direct deposit goes in, minus the 4.73 over draft. All of the holds that happened over the weekend also process through except two from BK. Saturday's 3.30 charge and the 8.00 from Monday night.

Here is where the confusing stuff begins. The direct deposit is "processing" the BK charges of 3.30 and 8.00 are in the holds. Technically they have not processed through yet and my account is actually sitting at $6.57.

So WHY is there now an OVERDRAFT/UNAVAILABLE FUNDS FEE of $70.00 saying that I'm $63.43 negative already BEFORE any of these things have actually gone through.

Wachovia is already setting up to charge the 8.00 BK charge first so that I will already be in the negative when the 3.30 charge goes through and has penalized me for both of them before it even happened!

I can't get to the bank before 3pm either tomorrow to ask wtf is this shit going on. I mean if the holds don't process before the direct deposit, will they refund the 70 dollars back because at that point the money will be in the bank and if the holds are still holding and technically the money for them has not been removed, how do they justify fining me with an overdraft charge before it happens.

I mean how do you justify hitting me with two overdrafts to begin with when they are stacking the charges from the start?

I used to like Wachovia before Wells Fargo took them over, now I seem to have constant trouble from them with this holding and processing of charges not meeting what they are telling is available.

And before anyone asks, I can see this happening through my online banking account. I checked when I got home realizing my mistake, then once after midnight to see how much the direct deposit was and now just before going to bed.
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