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Bad Service via AKA Keep your religion to yourself

I am not quite sure if this really is bad service or how to handle this so any advice would be welcome.

For Christmas this year I received, among other items, a copy of the book Wizard's Holiday by Diane Duane. This is book seven in the Young Wizards series, a fantasy series geared towards the Jr. High age range. It deals with typical fantasy topics including wizards and magic.

My partner ordered this book from Well apparently someone who was working at the warehouse where this order was filled had an issue with the topic of the book. As I was flipping through it a few days after Christmas a small piece of plastic fell out of the book. It was a 1" by 2" laminated piece of paper. One one side it says in all capital letters "THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT!!". It goes on to discuss faith in Jesus Christ, how the wages of sin are death, and how I need to confess to Jesus and believe etc. The back side went on about satanic messages in music, even making the claim that the line from Joy To the World "Heven and Nature Sing" plays backwards as "Let Him bring messages to Heven and Hell". It was amazing how much text they put in two square inches of space.

Now I understand that some people don't like fantasy literature, but putting a religious message in my book was a bit much I think. I am almost positive it had to have been done when the box was packed because I don't think the publisher would put such a thing in the book.

I called amazon customer service and reported the issue. Gave them the order number in question so that they could track who packed the order. Other than that I don't know what I should do.

Any thoughts?
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