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Pizza Hut

I've ordered the same order from my local Pizza hut about 2x a week for the last 3 weeks b/c of some personal issues. Same pizza everytime though the sides change. Submitted the order online like normal... Large such & such pizza...

Tonight I was delivered a medium pizza- pizza had the right toppings but the wrong size. Internet order email says large, recipe says large but calling in the woman claiming to be manager says that the order came in as a medium and she won't do anything. She hung up on me when I asked for a corporate number. I called back and asked for a manager and was passed to a male who said that there were no female managers on staff tonight. He finally gave me a number to a "Job Coach" and I called and left a message.

No response yet from the "Job Coach"- and I'm about to see if I can find one on the website. This is really ridiculous.

edit: I submitted feedback through their online forum & asked for someone to contact me.

edit2: Corporate called me & apologized. Said it's been chaos lately with the $10 deal going on. Had manager of local pizza hut call me & said she would stress the importance of them getting my next order perfect. Manager called; seemed most concerned about the women mis-representing herself as a manager and credited $25 to my account. (Order was $23 & change)

Now lets just hope I don't have a suck soon like the Pizza hut suck posted 2 stories ahead of mine! If it works well, I'll be satisfied. I can understand that there has likely been alot of chaos right now with that $10 special going on. And though they sucked at fixing the problem that night- at least I eventually got some good customer service.

Last edit: Used credit with no problems. Issue has been resolved to my satisfation.
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