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pizza hut woes.

I am shaking mad at my local Pizza Hut right now.

a few nights ago I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut. right now they have a special where you can get any pizza, any way you want, as many toppings as you want for just $10. I ordered a stuffed crust pizza ($1 extra for the stuffed crust) with 3 toppings, and had it delivered. so the pizza was $11 and it cost around $13 after tax & delivery fee. when the pizza arrived, it was stone cold. I mean really, extremely "fresh out the fridge" cold. I called to complain, and was told that I could either get a new one sent out right away, or they could put a credit to my account. since by this time I was ready for bed, I told them a credit would be fine. the times that this has happened with ANY pizza chain, when they give you a credit, that means that the pizza you ordered will be replaced, free of charge. hence the credit - you are getting what you originally paid for, but in the way it should have been received.. right??

apparently I was wrong.

I called tonight to order my replacement pizza & use the credit on my account. they were very busy (understandably; it's a weekend) so I got routed to a call center. I was told by the rep that she couldn't place my order since my credit was in the store system, not the call centers. she transferred me back to the store, where I was then told by the cashier that I couldn't place my order due to my phone number being blocked. I didn't choose to block my number, I think that perhaps my # didn't show up since I was transferred over from the call center. I was a little perturbed by this, but I agreed to hang up and call right back. when I called back, I was again routed to the call center. I explained what happened, & the rep said to me "um, OKAY THEN" in a really rude tone. she told me at first that she could not place my order, yada yada, for the same reasons the last rep said. I said that was ok, & to just transfer me BACK to the store so I could just simply place my order. instead the rep asks me what kind of pizza I wanted, & then tells me the total after the credit. I added cinnamon sticks to it, so she wanted something like $8 for it and told me that when they showed up I should just tell them that I had a credit & not pay them the $18 they'd be expecting me to pay. I didn't want there to be a mess of confusion by doing this, so I asked her to please not go through with that & just put me back to the store so I could just order my pizza without any confusion, & without the pizza delivery person being put in the middle of it & wondering why I wasn't paying him what his ticket said.

I get transferred back to the store & am immediately hung up on by the same guy who answered before. by this point it had been about 20-30 minutes, I was hungry, tired, & frustrated and I just wanted to get a pizza. I called back & asked to speak to a manager. here comes the biggest fuckery of all, in conversation form..

me - *waves*
PHM: Pizza Hut Manager

PHM: "This is the manager, how can I help you?"

me: *explains in detail what happened & asks to place my order*

PHM: *offers no apology* ok first of all, you need to know that Saturday is a really busy day so we can't help that it took you 30 minutes to order your pizza.

me: "that isn't the issue, I know you guys are busy & that's ok, but.. I'd just like to get this sorted out & place my order. I have a credit on my account for said pizza, & here's my #"

PHM: "ok so you wanted a large stuffed crust pizza, right? that'll be $13.79"

me: *confused*... "I have a credit on my account, I was told I'd get a replacement pizza for the cold one I received, so why do I have to pay?"

PHM: "there is a $10 credit on your account, and a large stuffed crust is $26. so after the credit, that's what you owe"

me: "but m'am.. you currently have all of your pizzas for $10, right? [she answers yes]. I am technically owed an $11 credit since that is what I paid for this pizza. the pizza was not satisfactory, and a 'credit' means that I will receive a fresh pizza in its place.. so again why am I being charged?"

PHM: "well you have a $10 credit that's already been added. the pizza is $26 regularly so this is what you have to pay."

me: "but m'am you don't understand.. I PAID $11 for this pizza (not including tax/fees). how does it make sense to try to charge me MORE than what I paid and say that you're using a credit?? how is this right or fair at all?"

PHM: "this is how it is in our system.. do you want the pizza or not."

this went on for about 10 minutes. she REFUSED to give me a replacement pizza, and insisted that I pay more than I originally paid for the cold pizza I received. she basically was trying to CHARGE me the regular price of the pizza, & say that I should be okay with that due to the $10 credit, even though at this EXACT moment you can buy a large stuffed crust pizza from them for $11. her attitude, tone, & general behavior had me baffled. HOW on earth does she not understand that if you pay $11 for a pizza that came cold, and you are OFFERED a credit and/or a free re-delivery right then & there, you should get what you paid for at the current menu price!!

I was so irked that I called the customer service line to complain. I was offered coupons but was told that if she refused to 'honor my claim' that I could not get my replacement pizza.

I refuse to order from this specific Pizza Hut ever again.
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