for thine is (forthineis) wrote in bad_service,
for thine is

This is very mild bad_service but still irritated me.

I went to Dick's Sporting Goods today to buy something for my job. I've never been in there before so I can't compare the service I received today to any other time.

When I got to the checkout there were a few other people ahead of me. I noticed that the cashier was perfectly nice to the couple in front of me. When it was my turn, he just glared at me. He didn't say hello, how are you, etc. He scanned my item, then just kind of stood there - he didn't tell me how much it was or anything. So I swiped my card, deciding that the guy was just a douche. The little screen did say "Please Swipe Card", after all. Then he just stood there... and stood there. Of course I started to freak out, wondering why my card wasn't working. Then he finally told me my total and I swiped my card again. When my receipt printed out he just tossed it on the counter - no bag, no "have a nice day" nothing. He was perfectly chatty and friendly to the people behind me.

Maybe its my low self esteem talking, but I'm thinking that he was rude because I'm a little overweight and don't really look athletic at all. Since he was friendly to everyone else, obviously it wasn't because he was peeved about having to work on a holiday.

Now I know why its called Dick's.
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