Verstehen (mysticblossom) wrote in bad_service,

Arcade fail

Last night my family and I went to one of those "fun zone" places, where they have bowling, lazer tag, an arcade, all the fun stuff. My uncle, his nine-year-old daughter and I went to the arcade and began playing a bunch of ticket-winning games. Most were the kind where you press a button and try to get it on the jackpot number.

Mu uncle and cousin played the Wheel of Fortune game, and (with my uncle's help), my cousin got the 500 ticket score. But the digital counter showed that only 50 tickets were going to print out. My uncle went to the employee at the prize desk and showed him that the game said they were supposed to get 500, but the digital counter only gave them 50. The employee's answer? "Whatever it says on the counter is what you're supposed to get." My uncle, though he understands that some people might try to cheat the system, is not having this. The wheel shows 500 tickets, so that, as far as he is concerned, is what they're supposed to get. The employee claims he's going to get the manager.

While we're waiting, another cousin's friend was playing another ticket game, and won the jackpot, 250 tickets, but when she put them in the counter, there were only 100. She went to another employee, who offered her two tokens in exchange for the 150 tickets she was missing. Two game tokens.

So my uncle, upon hearing this, goes to find the first employee, who really has not made any effort to find his manager, so with my uncle's insistence, he finally gets him. The manager is not any more interested in helping, saying that they can't just give tickets to anyone who wants them. My uncle says, "You're just going to cheat these kids out of a few dollars worth of tickets?"

The manager replies, "It's not just a couple dollars," which it was. I looked at the prizes. They were pretty much crap. And besides that, it's really got nothing to do with the money. But finally, the manager gives my uncle and the kids coupons for the tickets they were supposed to have. A few minutes later, his son walked by and overheard the manager talking to his employees about how "some people will do anything to get tickets."

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