creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in bad_service,

Witnessed and Participated in Bad_Service

I went to Binghamton today in order to catch a bus home. My bus left at 11:20, and we arrived at 10:10 and bought the ticket. Then my parents and I began our search for a restaurant. I honestly didn’t think every single place we passed would be closed, but after driving 5 minutes, we found Danny’s Restaurant.

We arrived and while it was pretty busy, but there were several booths open and we sat ourselves. The waitress came over within the first 2 minutes we were there to get our drink orders and give us our menus. We all ordered water to start with, and thus begins our bad service saga. We received our water quickly, but hadn’t all decided on food yet so she said she’d be back shortly to get our order. After that, 3 more tables came in. Two sat in the empty booths near us and one waited for a gentleman to leave his table, which is where they sat, after being told a waitress would be over to clean of the table in a moment.

The table that sat to our left ordered their drinks; the table that sat behind them ordered their drinks, and the table that sat at the dirty table…were ignored. We tried to catch our waitress’s attention to order, but she ignored us. The tables who ordered their drinks received them, she refilled every glass in the restaurant, took the two tables that sat after us’ order, and the table that sat behind us at the dirty table…was ignored. We again tried to flag our waitress down to no avail. 20 minutes after we arrived, she took our order. In case your keeping track, we arrived at the restaurant at 10:20, we ordered at 10:40. We were assured that our order should take much less than 10 minutes. The table that sat behind us at the dirty table (who arrived at 10:25) was ignored. At 10:47, the table behind us finally was cleaned off (simply by removing the dirty plate, but no wiping down the table or anything), and were finally given menus, and the waitress left without taking their drink order. The table to our left that had sat after us received their food, ordered seconds, and had all of their refills by 11:00. At this point, I’m getting REALLY antsy because my bus was leaving at 11:20, and I wanted to be on it.

Finally, at 11:13, we walked over and asked for our food in a to go box. It was apparently coming out right THEN, so they hustled it into a to go box for us and sent us on our way. The bill came to $14.40 and my dad just left $15 because honestly, the waitress did next to nothing for us. Oh, and the table that sat behind us at the dirty table? When we were leaving they still didn’t have drinks, and were looking for a waitress to take their order.

So, in case you’re trying to keep track, we arrived at a restaurant at 10:20, didn’t get to order until 10:40, were assured we’d get our food in mere minutes, and finally decided to leave at 11:13 with our food slopped into to go boxes at the last minute. A table arrived that sat behind us at a dirty table at 10:25, didn’t get a clean table until 10:47, and still hadn’t accomplished even ordering drinks by the time we left at 11:13. Yes, I do know the times exactly because I was frantically looking at my cell phone the entire time. And yes, I did make the bus, and no the food really wasn’t worth the wait (greasy eggs that were already heading to cold, corn beef hash from a can, and bacon so greasy you could pick a slice up and watch the grease slid off of it and puddle onto the plate).

Tldr: Arrive at a restaurant at 10:20 to get food, finally leave at 11:13 with our food JUST coming out and tossed in a to go box. Another table arrives at 10:25, sat at a dirty table until 10:47, and still hadn’t been able to order drinks by the time we left.
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