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Last Saturday the husband and I went shopping for new shoes. We ended up at JC Penny's, and they happened to have a pair of boots I really liked.

Only they didn't have my size in stock. We knew the associate that was working, so he decided to help us out by checking with other stores in the area. He found one about 45 minutes away that had the boots in my size.

So he orders the boots, gives the person the address off the husband's license (which is an old address, we haven't lived there in over a year) and tells the associate at the other store, not once, not twice, but three times that the boots are supposed to be shipped to his store for us to pick up. I didn't want them shipped to the house because we weren't sure if we were going to be in town the day they were supposed to arrive. When he placed the order, I mentioned that hey, that's not the right address and he said it would be ok because they were supposed to ship the boots to the store.

He tells me to call and check on Thursday to see if the boots are in. So yesterday I called..they tell me the boots should have been shipped to the home address because they don't ship to the store. Eff. The employee I talked to said she was going to contact the guy that placed our order and see what was up.

This morning I decide to contact the other store. I just got a phone call from the manager. Boots were shipped to the wrong address, not the store. I told her I was standing there when the order was placed and it was made clear that the boots were supposed to be shipped to the store. Her response? Well there's no note and they've already been delivered to the wrong home address. I tell her that's a problem because we don't freaking live there anymore and haven't for over a year. She asks if we live near there or know who does so we could just go by and get the boots. She says she can call UPS on Monday to see if they can go retrieve the package, but if they can't I'm basically SOL.

I'm kind of irked that UPS even delivered it. I had a problem a couple of years ago where my Ebay screwed up and reverted my default address to an address we hadn't lived at in over a year. My package was sent back to the sender and I had to pay to ship it again.

So the husband decided to try to go to the old address to see if he can get them to give up my boots. If its the same people that moved in after we did, she was really nice, so hopefully I can get them.

eta The husband went by the house, some nice older people live there now. They said that UPS hasn't been by. The took the husband's name and number and said they'd call him if UPS did show up.

I called the JCP manager back and told her. She said that UPS tracking says the package was left next to the door. She said she'd call them Monday, but there's nothing else she can do.

tl;drSo bad_service, partly caused by us (but I don't feel right taking part of the blame because we were assured that the address didn't matter) and JCP.
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