Tara (storyofherlife) wrote in bad_service,


Recap : I work for a large pizza chain company - large in Canada that is :) I am the Admin Support at the central call center, i know all the inner workings of the call center, the policies of the stores and most of the usual crap that Customer Service needs to know -

My boyfriend was previously a driver for one of our stores, he left to join me at the call center. He worked at one store, while another store is closer to our house.....

We popped into the store by my house today because I wanted pizza...I walked up to the counter....stood there....stood there...stood there....got mad...stood somemore...more mad...

It took me a few minutes but I realized the person behind the till who was helping another customer had shoulder length curly hair.

Sound weird?

It should, none of our employees are allowed near the food without hair nets, and this guys hair was waving in the wind and I had JUST seen him with his paws in my toppings. I glanced around...sure enough, his companion who was making pizza had her hair pulled back sloppily - BUT STILL NO HAIRNET.

I gagged, was pissed they hadn't greeted me at ALL even though I was in the store for 5 minutes and walked out.

I reported them, that shit is nasty and it's seriously turned me off from ever going there again.
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