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Possible Bad Medical Service?

 Copied and pasted from my personal LJ.

Background information: I'm undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy and 'Nebido' is a form of Testosterone that I need to have every three months. (Although this is my second shot so it's six weeks after the first, it's three monthly from now on.)
Doctor Curtis is my private gender specialist, and this nurse is an NHS nurse at my local practise who was injecting my private prescription of Nebido.


I got to the Limes Medical Centre and was called in for my appointment.

When I sat down and gave the nurse the Nebido I said, "Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but - are you aware of how slowly this has to be injected?" and she responded, "Oh yes! It's very oily." so I was all, "Alright, awesome."

First of all, when breaking the top of the vial - she really broke it. I mean, smashed it and got shards of glass all over her desk and had to carefully clean it up.

Then, she drew up the Testosterone...... And after finishing made a grumbly noise as she realised that she drew it up into the wrong needle, squirted it back into the vial and started again with a new needle.

After a few flicks of the needle (took Dr. Curtis much longer to get rid of the air bubbles) and a little bit of idle chitchat, we confirmed that it was my left buttock and I asked where she would like me to lean or whathaveyou. She just sort of stared and then mumbled about me going wherever I like, some random patient of her's always likes to lay down. So I awkwardly wandered over to the bed and said, "I'll just lean against this." and told me tale of woe of before having to lean against a low leather chair, and that this was much better.

So I pulled down my trousers, and away we went.

I do not recall her wiping/sterilising the area. Nice.

She never asked me to clench/tense and then relax like Dr. Curtis did. She just went straight in immediately with absolutely no word of warning at all.

She then asked, "Does it hurt, going in? I've always wondered if it hurts going in."

!?!?!?!? CREEPY, MADAM. REALLY CREEPY. She looked like and came across as a very practised nurse, so this really creeped me out.

I said that no, it doesn't hurt - it only hurts afterwards. No sooner had I said this, the area suddenly hurt A LOT. It very suddenly became very sore... And then she was done.

So you know, it took Dr. Curtis around 40 seconds to do the injection, because it must be done very slowly.. I've even heard that apparently it should take around 4 minutes.

This nurse did it in less than ten seconds. I was in too much shock to say anything.

Not to mention, some random nurse walked in during the middle of the injection, apologised, went about her business, then left again. (The nurse doing my injection never said a word.)

The nurse pulled the needle out and said, "Doesn't look to be bleeding! ...Wait, tell a lie." and then jabbed her thumb into my (seemingly bleeding) needle wound.

Then she just sat down at her desk, and waited for me to leave. o_o; So I adjusted my clothing, thanked her a couple of times and left.

As soon as I got outside the place, I was in immense pain. The kind of pain that I didn't get until a couple of hours after my first injection (and this was, what, two minutes at most?) I was almost in tears as I walked away from the pain, but luckily a lot of walking really helped to ease it off, and now I just have on-off pain as I sit here at my desk. Unpleasant but not unusual.

ETA: I'm not especially good at formal letters, but I have sent this complaint e-mail to the West Essex PCT after your wonderful reassurance and encouragement. 

I decided to focus on her main, potentially dangerous mistake.

"Good evening!

Apologies if this is the incorrect place to contact, please re-direct me if so. Due to mental health issues I am unable to use anything other than e-mail for primary communication, so if you could adapt to that that would be wonderful, thank you!

My name is Nathaniel Dorian Dale, and I wish to make a complaint about an appointment with a nurse that I had at the Limes Medical Centre in Epping today (Tuesday 29th December) at 4PM. The nurse's first name was Anne (referred to as 'Annie' on my appointment card), I am unaware of her surname.

My appointment was for her to give me an intramuscular injection of my private prescription of Nebido, which I am taking for Hormone Replacement Therapy as a Female-to-Male Transsexual. When I sat down and gave the nurse the Nebido I said, "Sorry, I don't mean to be rude, but - are you aware of how slowly this has to be injected?" and she responded in the affirmative, confirming that it is an oily drug and needs to be injected slowly.

There were a couple of uneasy moments in the appointment such as her being a bit rough when breaking the vial, the fact that she originally drew it up in the incorrect needle and had to put it back in the vial and draw it up again, and the fact that another nurse randomly walked into the room during my injection (not especially pleasant when the injection place is the buttock.)

Before she performed the injection (with me leaning against the bed in the room, my choice), she never asked me to clench and then relax (like my gender specialist did for my first injection) and I did not feel her wipe/sterilise the area (she may have done so, but she never informed me of what she was doing so it was impossible to tell.)

She then performed the injection without any word of warning what-so-ever, which I found to be very unprofessional. She then asked me, "Does it hurt, going in? I've always wondered if it hurts going in." She came across as a well practised nurse, so I found this to be a fairly disturbing question, though I answered that no it does not hurt. I had spoken too soon, because I got a very sudden, painful ache in the injection area - and then she was done.

This injection was first done by my gender specialist and it took around 40 seconds to inject as it is very oily and a large dose at 1000mg/4ml, however I have been told me a friend who has the same drug that it is supposed to be around 60 seconds per 1mg, so about four minutes for the injection.

This nurse completed the injection in what couldn't have been more than ten seconds. After thanking her an leaving, I felt an absolutely horrible pain in the injection area (similar to what I got around two hours after my first injection) that made walking very uncomfortable to the extent that I was almost in tears from the pain before walking managed to ease it off somewhat.

I found that some of her behaviour was very unprofessional and that she betrayed my trust in her, a medical professional, by informing me that she knew what she was doing when she clearly did not. She could have risked damage to the injection area and caused me a lot of pain that could have easily been avoided.

I look foward to your reply.

-Nathaniel Dale"

ETA: I keep accidently putting '1000ml/4mg'. To confirm, the dose is 1000mg/4ml.
Tags: bedside manners, first do no harm?
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