Samantha (scarcelythere) wrote in bad_service,

Quick Question

This is the second day that the mall has been open since Christmas. Bluenotes was having a 50% off everything in the store sale so I made a trip out to the mall. I couldn't try on anything because they had their dressing rooms closed in blocked, with a sign saying something like "Dressing rooms will be closed because of returns".

Is this normal procedure for a store after Christmas? None of the other stores in the mall had their dressing rooms closed.

Edited to add: The fitting rooms were open today, but the 50% off everything sale had ended. I had checked their website Christmas Day to see when their sale date ended and couldn't find that information. I'm a little peeved. I talked to who appeared to be the manager and he said they were short staffed, so that's why they closed the dressing rooms.
Tags: debate, retail
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