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My cousin came up with a friend of hers to visit with the sole purpose of snowboarding-and dragging us along with her. We trekked off to the local ski slope and purchased the ski lift tickets, a lesson, and I rented my equipment. After an hour lesson and several more hours on our own, my cousin (who is an intermediate snowboarder and was off on the easy trails) tried to convince us to take the lift and go to the easy slopes, leaving the bunny slopes behind. I opted out, and decided to stay on the bunny slope, and eventually hit the lodge to warm up. I keep checking my watch and notice that it was taking them well over an hour just to go down the easy hill. When they finally came in, I was told what happened.

Ronja (my cousins friend) was struggling some on the slope. Samantha (the cousin) found an instructor and asked if she could help Ronja get started again going down the hill. The instructor went off to find Ronja on the slope and told her that since she cant figure out what she's doing, she might as well stay off the slopes, and if she was going to insist on being so slow, she should just walk. Bwah?

(And yes, maybe her boyfriend just broke up with her, her neighbor ran over her cat, she had a shitty christmas, and her mother has cancer, but still, if you dont want to help, dont do it, or at least send someone who could. Even sending ski patrol up and saying "your taking to long, we're going to take you back down" would've been more helpful then being rude.)

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