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A night at the movie theatre...

This happened just before Christmas, on December 22, at a movie theatre. My family and I had pre-screening passes to see Sherlock Holmes. Ticket guy was rude.

First of all, I always give people the benefit for the doubt, but given the amount of respect I try to give people in my retail job - not only for the customer's dignity but for the sake of my own job - I was a little disturbed. I always keep in mind what the employee might be going thru at that particular moment. Stress or something else. But IMHO, that is still no excuse. I have very high standards.

First of all, unbeknownst to us because no one had posted it, the movie was entirely sold out. We had tickets so we thought they meant they weren't giving them out, but they had actually reached capacity. No signs posted anywhere. A good twenty-four movie goers with Sherlock Holmes passes all wanting to see the movie, all misinformed.

So we thought we were all waiting to get into the screening, catch my drift?

Well, my grandmother is very frail, has dementia, and can't stand for very long. The only seating area is past the guy who checks your tickets. My mother is helping to walk her over there and asks permission for her to sit inside before the movie starts. This is when the guy turns the attitude on.

RG = Rude Guy
MM = My mother
Me = Duh, me.

MM: Is it okay if I walk my mother into there? She is very frail and can't stand.
RG: You can go in there but you can't join the movie.
MM: Until the movie starts.
RG: You can't go into the movie! (At this point, we had NO IDEA there was no seating)
Me: She just wants to let her sit down, she's not going to go into the theatre.
RG: If I let you thru here, ma'am, you wont be able to go into the theatre.
MM: I am not going into the theatre, I am just going to sit. Over. There.
RG: Well, this movie is sold out, so you can't get in. There are no seats. So you are not going to sneak in.

At this point, other people start to turn around and overhear that the movie is sold out, therefore there are no seats. The guy is being flat out DEFENSIVE about it, in which case, I don't care. I don't care if I never see Sherlock Holmes. But a little communication, a sign posted goes a long way. I calmly suggest this.

Me: Is there any way you could have let us know?
RG: I let you guys know, ten minutes ago, so don't be getting any attitude with me. The film is sold out!
Me: We weren't here ten minutes ago. There are people still coming in and they think they might see this movie and they have no idea its reached capacity.
RG: Girl, people came here at 4 o'clock, lining up, so there is no way I could have let you in.
Me: I don't care about seeing the movie - but you can tell me like a human. You don't have to be so rude.
RG: *walks around to the podium where they check tickets and gets ALL up in my face, pointing in my face* Excuse me, you're the one getting in my face! You need to back away! There is no reason for you to be here anymore!

Keep in mind I'm a 23 year old girl, all of 5'6". This guy is about 5'10", mid-30s perhaps, and quite intimidating. Kinda looks like he should be a bouncer. And I was merely responding to his attitude, which had been present ever since my mother asked if my grandmother could simply SIT DOWN.

Well, we ended out taking our names down for free tickets in the future, and we bought tickets for Avatar. I reported the guy to the manager and told him that I hold a part-time retail job, and if I ever treated a customer (many others were complaining, too) that coursely, I would lose my job. Period. My manager would not stand for it for five minutes.

When we go to have our tickets torn for Avatar, Rude Guy more or less apologizes for any mishap, his manager standing by. I wave my hand and tell him its fine. Later on, though, when I got out of Avatar, I actually go to him and apologize for any unresolved drama there might still be, and he undermines his own attitude from earlier and says that "being disappointed over a movie is no reason to lose your attitude."

There were so many things I wanted to say to that, so many things I didn't because it was close to midnight and I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie, but I couldn't believe his own audacity once he wasn't under the careful eye of his manager.

tl;dr: Went to a Sherlock Holmes pre-screening, Rude Guy taking the tickets is uninformative and stank about the movie theatre having reached capacity, expects us all to be mind readers.
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