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semi-funny moment of WTFkery @ the Regal Cinema down the road from me. i had tickets to the RiffTrax Christmas Special, which was being broadcast live. there was only one showtime for that night, one chance to see the show (i couldn't get tickets to the encore viewing the next night).
so my boyfriend and i followed the link from the MST3K community to Fandango and bought our tickets online. that night we got there with 15 minutes to spare. we were the only customers in the lobby besides a man and his daughter getting popcorn at the concession stand. awesome, right? no prob.

got in line for popcorn. the man and his kid already had theirs. should have taken us a couple minutes, tops, to get snacks, but it in fact took ten minutes because the girl behind the counter couldn't figure out how to ring up a popcorn/drink combo.
so we got our snacks and scurry over to the ticket girl with 3 minutes to spare...which should have been fine.
hand her our Fandango tickets, printed out on my computer at home. i've used Fandango before, i know what the tickets look like. two people by this point had walked in behind us with fandango tickets to the same event.

the ticket girl was slouched over her little podium with her hoodie pulled up, looking bored. when i handed her my tickets, she said "oh cool, i get to use the scanner" and tried to scan the tickets.
no good. wouldn't scan.
she said: "the tickets wont scan."
i said: "uh-oh."
she tried again, and it still wouldn't take the bar code, it must have been smudged. okay, so this happens sometimes with online orders at my job. usually you just punch in the numbers manually.
she said: "You must have printed the wrong page."
me: O_o "nope, thats a ticket. its what printed up when i hit the 'PRINT TICKETS' button. and it kinda says that its a ticket on it."
she said: "well it wont work."
me: O_o "well, is there someone you can ask...?"
by now there was a bit of a line forming up behind us. she shouts out into the lobby: "HEY, WHAT DO I DO WHEN IT WONT SCAN!??"
and someone from the ticket counter yelled back: "JUST PUNCH IN THE NUMBERS!!"
to which she replies: "Huh?"
the customers behind me are getting pissy, and its time for our movie to start. the movie i have only one shot at seeing. i told her: "hon, there's only one showing for this movie and i'm about to miss it."
and she said: "Well, i dont know what to do."

AND THEN JUST STOOD THERE. looking at us. like she was waiting for us to go away.

and my boyfriend and i looked at each other and were preparing to call bullshit, when her manager (i assume) yelled: "JUST TAKE THE TICKET SO THEY CANT REUSE IT!"
and she said: "Oh. okay. can i have your tickets?"
she took them and ripped them in half, and we scramble into the theater late. (funnily enough, the theater was almost full. so we couldn't have been the first folks through there with those kinds of tickets.)
luckily, it had just started.
UNLUCKILY, the guy running the equipment had a brain hiccup of some sort, and we had no sound for the first five minutes.
we also lost several minutes of sound off the end credits and missed half of the infamous Sparkly Vampires song.

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