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Short one.

A few weeks ago I was doing some Christmas shopping for my little cousin, and I was in the toy section of a local non-franchise named shopping center. I noticed there was an open package for something (I think it was polly pocket or littlest pet shop...I don't know, one of those really girly things). I also noticed near it there were several open and disoriented packages of the same thing, it looked as it someone opened a bunch of them and picked & chose what parts they wanted, I don't know. So, I picked up one from the floor and looked around a bit for someone who worked there.

I found a boy who looked a little older than me, and I offered it to him, saying, "I found this on the floor as is, there are several in the other aisle," in an effort to help him out.

He looks at me a moment, and responded with, "So I suppose you just want me to give you it now, huh?" in the most flat, agitated voice ever.

Really, I was so flabbergasted I didn't say anything, I just set it down on a shelf and left the store. I felt really embarrassed, too.

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