deadaccount (homestar) wrote in bad_service,

Extortion, ho ho ho.

My brothers bought their holiday gift at The Game Store at Franklin Mills Mall. It was that new Super Mario Bros. game, which they were very excited for.

We exhausted every other possible store, but The Game Store was the only one who had it in stock.

The catch? You had to buy an unlicensed Wii skin and a licensed 'remote grip' in order to purchase the game. I wasn't there at the time of purchase, so I wasn't able to call 'bullshit' in person (and I would have, I assure you).

I called the store when they came home and after a few rings I got some who claimed to be the manager. He knew exactly what I was talking about and said 'that sucks'.

Um, excuse me? No. Angry customers don't want to here 'that sucks' from professional people.

I asked for the number to corporate and, gasp-shock-surprise, he claims he is the corporate manager. I demanded to know why my brothers had to purchase these useless things and, supposedly, Nintendo 'wouldn't sell the them game without them'. I asked them why we had to purchase them, and I got some spiel about how they are a business and need to make money.

I can't find a website, but I'll be calling after the holidays and hopefully get the real corporate number instead of some unprofessional snot who's claiming to be the boss.
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