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o__O; I just felt like ranting about Washington Mutual. So I will. They did bad things...  (I'd suggest you read this if you're with them. Might show you a few things)

I hate the company.
We moved away for a while, expecting our house to be safe, with all it's contents (we left a lot of furniture and stuff here). It should've. We bought the land, and were buying the house.
While we were gone, some guy from the foreclosure section said we were in foreclosure, hired some stupid dude with a huge record file (without checking it, I guess) to come and 'winterize' our house.
>_< We weren't even in foreclosure yet, we payed it off before that happened.

He came to our house and drilled the locks, because apparently the key they gave him wasn't the right one.
He came in, winterized for foreclosure. Got orders to tow away the cars. Does. Leaves.
He later comes back, without WM  telling him, and takes pretty much all the stuff from our house. About $37,00 worth of our stuff, we had practacly nothing left when we revisited our home. ;__; And more money for the actuall house, he did a really crappy job of 'winterizing'. He let the water heater's water drain all over the floor, ruined a big section of the lynoliem. My window was open a crack, so that let mice in... destroyed our carpet. Blah blah. Then he tried to sell the house right under our noses. >____<

We will sue them.... along with some other companies that had something to do with the ransacking of our house. If we ever find anyone able to take our case, that is. It's hard finding anyone that'll do that. EDIT: The only ones that can have really high fees, and we can't pay that much... That criminal is still on the loose, we think he's somewhere in Florida. His name's Russel Allen; he's the guy that most of the evidence points at. 
 We moved back to the house about a month and a half ago.

I guess the moral of the story is, DON'T TRUST WASHINGTON MUTUAL. They suck.
And I hate them. They're untrustable.  They led to the taking of my family's stuff that they'll prolly never get back. Not a lot of my stuff, though... I'm only 15, so I don't have a lot anyway... 
   Colorado; Summer 2004 - when it happened.

The whole story is confusing, and I'm sorry if my writing is unreadable/annoying.

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