Vex (vexant) wrote in bad_service,

I have two complaints about my local Dominos Pizza. The first one happened a couple of months ago, the second happened yesterday.

To summarise: They don't ask for credit card confirmation for internet orders as they are supposed to do to prevent fraud (which led to someone 'stealing' my pizza), and they take an hour and a half to deliver and expect you to pay full price for cold-to-the-touch pizza.

ETA said summary.

Incident the first:

I usually order my pizza online and pay with my credit card. On the website there is a very clear notice saying you MUST show your credit card on arrival, which is obviously to prevent fraud. That night I ordered as usual and waited for my pizza to arrive.

After about an hour, I called to find out what was going on (if that seems like a long time to wait, they never take less than half an hour and sometimes take as long as 45 minutes to deliver so I wasn't too worried until then). They said the driver had left some time ago and they didn't know why he wasn't there yet. They called the driver, who said he had delivered the pizza.
I told the girl at the store that I certainly had not received the order. After some digging, it was discovered the driver had in fact delivered the pizza to another house.

This in itself wouldn't have been so much of an issue - but the people there ACCEPTED my order and the driver did not ask to see the credit card, which I believe they are legally required to do.

I asked for my money back. They refused, telling me the fine print on the website states credit card payments cannot be refunded as they don't go directly to the store. They remade and delivered my order.

Incident the second:

I ordered pizza last night at 6:30. I was quite busy doing things around the house and didn't notice the time slip away. When I looked at the clock again it was approaching 7:40. As I said, this place often takes up to 40 minutes to deliver, but over an hour was ridiculous. I called them and they told me the driver had JUST left, there had been a delay at the restaurant and they were very sorry. I'm aware this is a busy time of year for parties and such so I let it slide.

At 8:00 they finally arrived. They delivered the food (minus my dessert - they had run out and issued me a refund). As soon as I touched the boxes I realised it was cold. Not just not hot, but literally cool to the touch.

I pointed that out and told them I had waited an hour and a half and this was CLEARLY not just out of the kitchen like they had promised, as they use thermal bags and even if the pizza takes half an hour to be delivered it is always hot. The delay was clearly kitchen-to-delivery, not order-to-kitchen.
They ummed and ahhed but couldn't explain why this supposedly fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza was cold. They offered to return it to the store and deliver a new one, but at that stage I didn't want to wait another hour to eat and told them to forget it. Mind you, no refund or compensation was offered (in the past I have been given vouchers for late deliveries) - I had to pay full price for their cold product. They told me they can only replace the order, and they couldn't refund me. I would have returned the pizza and not paid, but I was so tired and hungry by that stage that I took it and heated it myself.

I want to contact the head office about the shenanigans this place is pulling. I honestly think they should fire the driver responsible for the first incident. He was also the driver in yesterday's incident - and no, he didn't ask me for credit card confirmation yesterday, or on the day he delivered my food to the wrong people.
I have been told I should have contacted the police about the first incident. That seemed a bit far-fetched to me. It was just pizza. What would you have done?

I'm pretty much just painfully shy when it comes to confrontation with strangers and I really don't know how to go about formally complaining in an effective manner. I do speak up, but I give in quickly when an apology is offered (I need to grow a spine, I know) because I don't like making people feel bad about genuine mistakes.

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